Snitheral Fights Video

Not sure how well this will work: but hey gotta give it a go right?


Nice, but I suspect the reason you survived is because he did not focus fire. For the first battle, I see at least 3 ships being hit, the 2 ends and the 1st ship of the bottom group. Not to mention the messed up weapons fit. I see kinetic bursts and energy bolts so he was effectively splitting fire between all your ships AND their shields and hull.

I completely agree! In subsequent fights it seems @chadleyb has gotten that down quite nicely!

There is a a fair bit of nuance in the game yet and while I am holding him I have no doubt once he gets past a few “surprises” like that I’ll be in real difficulties. But that’s all to the good as I said he’s a civil decent player and I hope he is enjoying our little squabble as much as I am!

I should also note: Snith ships “Upright” design particularly lend themselves to making “Wall in space” Phalanxes like you see here. THAT might become an issue with them needing their operation radius dialled down a bit later.