Skregon seem rather underwhelming

Anyone finding these guys of much use? I keep bumping into them on the most useless planets. Oh boy i’ll get a free deep mine on 2 resources one of which is nearly non existent density and the other not much better then that. The others being not present at all.

I’m not feeling these guys are very useful as 1) gotta luck out to find them in the first place, 2) gotta win the algorithm lotto.

So you have to hit the jackpot TWICE for these to actually be useful. And when i say jackpot i don’t even mean MEGA UPER DUPER density resources across the board. I mean like…resources at all, particularly of a density to matter when it comes to the pathetic amount of resources you can get from deep mining even if your lucky enough to have the highest density there is.


I have had more issues of finding them on worthwhile planets. I have found them 15 times and only once has it been a planet that actually fits what I want. Most of the time the planets have low densities. I do agree they are a little underwhelming but at the same time I don’t think we can have all of the native populations be phenomenal. One other nice thing, they don’t pull from mineable resources.

I had a colony of Skreggs. The planet would have been great if we co-existed better. Ripchee and Skreggs don’t mix well due to temperature and land mass issues. Got them within a tolerance that both could survive, but the growth rate was so slow for both, that developing the planet wouldn’t have been worth it. Handed it off to a friend who is Syntis, they seem happy with them so far.

Since Scregons was desinged to co-exist with Syntis obviously, I’m thinking they must be independant from happiness as Syntis are. Only after this they will became worthy race since usually Syntis can’t have 2nd population at all. Only then such a natives if they will be found on 20k+ planet became priceless for syntis.

Moreoveer not only Sregons are underwhelming. Akorokken are usless too. The best of their planets are rich-olzine planets, but their bonus are too insignificant. I singest to improve it to x2 of RP from planet.

And Hapry’s radar is just the inner radar. Every ship can have inner radar, but ships can move, harpy’s radar can’t. Since it can’t detect minefields and cloaked ships Harpy looses to MG and Evolvians badly.

I have two Skregon planets, I’m Syntis. Both are good for my needs as one is rich in beron/ziryl though poor in olzine, the other rich in beron/farsu/olzine. Also their temperature/land requirements fit well with me as Syntis. My growth rate as Syntis is good. I’m capping their growth to reduce unemployment issues.

They are affected by happiness and do not like to be taxed at all, even if they have no structures. I am building structures within the bounds of their happiness limits. If you add regular mines on top of their deep mines, it will produce the initial resources in higher amounts just like a regular mine does and it adds to what they are deep mining. When this is depleted, I will test if adding a deep mine increases their deep mining values.

Of course specific minor factions should provide more benefits to specific civilizations e.g. Skregons and Syntis. But we’re considering different options, so all your ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated

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To make them more helpful for Syntis, get us a way to keep organics happy so I don’t have to stunt their growth or limit the structures I can build. As it is I can’t tax them and use their planets to their full potential.

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I am at a crossed roads with my 1 colony of them as a Ripchee. The lack of taxes and so far the lack of increased deep minig speed as their population grows to me seems very inadequate. Has anyone had an increase with increasing deep mining speed or not?

I feel that I may end up simply killing them all off on the planet I am and just go one population over trying to deal with the inability to tax them and the nasty growth rates for both populations I am dealing with.


I was given one of my planets by a Ripchee player for the same reason.

The mining speed does not increase at all. Nearly have 100k of them on one of my planets and the mining speed is the exact same as it was when I first colonized the planet.

To be fair the other races special abilities don’t scale up with population size. Aside from harpies which is tied to expensive building upgrades its a base ability plus you get taxes/workers from extra pop.

100% agree. Was just answering fangspeir’s question lol.

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Mining output is only increased by adding regular mines. Then the return is higher. Whether they will translate into their own deep mine, increasing the deep mining rate remains to be seen. I will test that once my deposit is depleted by the regular mines.

Great to know thank you…

Bonus of Scregons in deep mining rate is similar with 5 deep mines of each of existing deposit(36uph*deposit%*5)… And it’s constant.