Since late update, cannot upgrade some ships

I have several frigates that will not update. I have separated them, and joined them with other frigates that did update, I cant seem to get them to update.
It is not just the frigates, I have has Battle Ships that will not update. There does not seem to be a correlation of ship types, or config. Seems or acts very random.
I have a group together tagged TRBL UD in one of my systems. There are various other ships throughout my systems that exhibit this issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, no luv.

How many blueprint variations of the Hull do you have for the frigates?

Can you open the update drop menu? (where you can select to which BP you want to upgrade to)

I had 4 or 5 configs for frigs, deleted all but the one I wanted, still no luv. I now have 2 configs, will not accept either. Some frigs of the same type did go, just having issues with some others.
I can open up the update tab, select my config to update, it tells me cost and I accept, but nothing happens. Have done this several times a day, no change.
Also as mentioned, its not just frigs, I have battleships that will not update…though out of all the ones that will not update, one of my BS did update, just 1.

maybe you dont have enough resources on the planet?

Plenty, the upgrades are minor.

Does it say (outdated) next to the name?

Try to move the fleet out of the planet’s orbit and take it back in and then see if you can update

If the confirmation button comes up

And then nothing happens
Check the res/gold you have
Perhaps you’re short on one of them like rae said

Thx, did all those things, but I think I have figured it out. If I have then there is still a bug, but in my favor.
It seems that the starbase you are at has to be at the level of the ship to upgrade. If you cant produce it at that shipyard, then you cant upgrade it. (But it has let me do that a couple of times, which is what threw me off. ) I will take my troubled ships to a system with a higher level of shipyard, then report back.

if thats the case, then its new as previously it was possible to upgrade t3 ships at t1 shipyards.

In my recent test I was able to upgraded T2 and T4 ships at a T1 shipyard. But if I didn’t have enough credits for the upgrade it failed silently. I’ve created a bug ticket for this.


Thx for your input. I had differing results at different systems with my upgrades. Not totally sure what is going on, but there does seem to be issues…just nothing in common that I can nail down. Some systems work, some do not.

It would help if you can screen record your attempt to upgrade the ship
And put it here (easiest is to post it on YouTube and send a link here)
Or if you want to be private (totally your right to) you can set it to unlisted on YT and send the link to Joe in a pm

Thx, it is much too late to do so. I have since brought these ships to my higher tier shipyards, and they updated just fine.
All I can say is, there was enough material and cash, some units would upgrade, others would not. Of those that wouldnt, a couple did eventually did upgrade.

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