Sigh, yet another bug

When cancelling a “destroy building” item, the “yes” confirmation is not working on first click, it is taking a second click now. Considering i accidentally put 22 of a type to be destroyed, this is taking me forever and so very annoying.
I think IDA should delete the “speed server” for now until all these bugs that have appeared since its release, are resolved !!!
There was also a new visual bug yesterday, but I am actually getting tired of so many bugs in such a short time, that I did not report it. I cannot recall it today either. Thanks.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this. From what screen is this happening for you 1 or 2 from the image below? Also, what is your FPS from this screen? Menu clicks not registering could be related to very low FPS.

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It is from the first screenshot. The other method works fine on first click. It never happened before, it is a new issue. I obviously am using the second method to cancel at the moment to work round the double click issue. Thanks.
PS not sure on the FPS but it has not been an issue before. :slight_smile:
PPS I have just tried cancelling builds again and it is now working fine again. Using the first method. Seems like it was the FPS issue. Thanks.

Input lag :smiley:

Causes 90% of the minor annoyances in game that add up to a disgusting experience.


when you delete 51 buildings out of your 50 building construction que, the game goes wtf u were too fast!

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