Should I recycle all my science labs?

Hi, in approx 14 years when I have all the science items (I am asking very very early in the evolution here), should I recycle all of my forest of minds labs or will there be new science items coming in the future which I should keep my science capability around for?

science labs increase research speed of new ships and IDA doesnt come out with new tech often. in addition, a new galaxy will be coming out soon, so if your planning on focusing your interests there, you might as recycle them all.

Thanks for that.

New galaxy, bugger that means I have to start all over yet again - yeez you can get mighty sick of that start up phase (to be fair that’s the only phase I’ve managed to achieve to date, multiple times) - phew one last time I suppose is ok

No reason you have to switch, just most ppl do. Ppl like the start of the game more than the endgame… Mostly bc there isn’t one.

:slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to comment, appreciated