Ships not shooting while they had ammo

Had 2 scout ships, i used to fight (working fine)
Build 2 more of them, so a fleet of 4 - checked ammo + fuel - ready to go !

Start combat with 2 enemy ships - easy win !

Only 1 of my ships are shooting, and i lose 4 ships for nothing.
(and they were placed in a “wall” so all of them had line of sight at the same time)

Has the fleet been fighting other battles? Because ordnance isn’t shared between ships in a fleet so some can run our and stop shooting.

No - fresh fleet only 2 of the ships has been fighting before, and restocked fuel and ammo before the fight

Just killed another fleet, with 2 ships of the same designe as the 4 that died with only 1 shooting.
And both of them were shooting just fine. (only got 1 designe)

What’s the fleet layout, do all ships have proper line of sight? At this stage I’d guess that they are either kinetic or energy weapons. Both types require line of sight in order to fire at the target. They can’t be blocked by another ship.

Ye i know, i had them in a line - so all 4 of them had clear line of sight with no ships infront of them.

A very long battle, with only 1 out of the 4 ships shooting at all. (when shooting ship died the remaning ships just did nothing while they died slowly)

Sounds like a low on ammo issue more then anything.

Makes no sense, newly build ships - just stocked up on ammo with 2 small ammo storage - first fight.
played in the old galaxy, and never had this issue - so its really frustrating.

Planet had enough ammo to fill the fleet?

Stil got 21.000 limbalt

Can you make a video of the fight, maybe that would help us see.

Its just 4 ships side by side - standing infront of 2 ships - only 1 of the ships are shooting, the rest just hang there until they die - not much to see.

Well leave the battle there and let @joe look at it. There’s typically only one of two problems, out of ammo or line of sight. I haven’t had any issues.