Ship Bugged (probably original type lost by server)

Green boxes are redacted. Currently I can’t move the fleet in question. It used to be a Syntis scout with two small personnel modules, two small fuel modules, and two small energy weapons. I split and merge fleets regularly, and switch between main and skirmish servers. This is on Skirmish server.

When attempting to transfer cargo from another ship in the same planetary orbit

When attempting to transfer cargo from the bugged ship, graphic was as if the ship were the other ship in orbit. (Red boxes below), the white icon shown above did not appear

Warp cannot be turned off.

There was a time when I could select all the different abilities - minelaying, whatever, on the control wheel. All indicators showed lighted up. That went away and I didn’t get a screenshot of it.

Thanks for posting this. The error message looks to be the same I saw when checking this issue. I’ll get the devs to also check your game/fleet.

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Thanks. In other news, I have another ship that’s bugged the same way I think (no hp bar etc - also apparently no sensor / scanner radius), and then I have yet another ship that has a different bug which I’ll make another thread on.

@joe Let me know if coordinate details &c would be helpful; I could send via PM.

Are these fleets fixed following the latest patch?

The no-hit-point / no-fuel-bar ships are fixed, thanks! (no really, those things were super awkward, definitely nice they’re fixed!)

I’m having some weird stuff happen when going from Skirmish to Main - looks like a large khaki-colored screen, happened before the patch too. I’ll put up a new thread on it after I see if there’s any other oddness post-patch.

I’ve just reproduced this and will get the devs to look into it. Yes, please let us know of anything else not working that you come across.