Servers offline: July 01 [Resolved]

Hi everyone,

We’ve had to take the game servers offline just now in response to a crash. There’s a chance that they’ll be back online later this evening, but it’s more likely they won’t be back online until tomorrow.

We’ll keep you updated in this thread. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Why is it going to take so long to fix this time?

The devs normally manage to get the servers back online within a couple of hours when something like this happens. But this time, we’re in the middle of making significant changes to the server environment. And we need to finish this before we can apply the fix and bring the servers back online.

Will my game be affected?

No, your game won’t be affected. It will resume from the same state as it was before the servers were turned off.

Update: the game servers were brought back online along with the new patch (Wed July 3rd).


We’re going to combine bringing the servers back online with the next patch. There won’t be many changes with it, but it will include the fix for minesweepers. Here’s how the release notes are looking:

Bug fixes:

  • Minesweepers were sweeping 4 times faster than was intended (read more)
  • “Last known” population status wasn’t shown on galaxy overview (only resources were)
  • Asteroid mining wasn’t always possible because cargo space was detected to be full when it wasn’t (the fuel tanks were wrongly being considered)
  • Previous fleet trajectory lines were still displayed after a fleet’s direction was changed and a new trajectory was added


  • Spawning algorithm ensures there are at least 6 planets in a player’s starting system (it was 5 before)
  • Finished the new invasion formula (it better takes into account the sizes/power of the attacker and defender forces involved: if the forces are uneven, little damage is done; if the forces are even, little damage is done if they are both small, but a lot of damage is done if they are both large - ‘damage’ means structures destroyed and troops/home guard lost)

Yikes! Just seen the post stamp… y’all OK in there?

We still don’t know exactly when they’ll be back online but so far everything is going to plan. It’s still feasible the servers could be back online later this evening, but that’s if there’s zero complications - and there’s usually at least one…


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Hang in there gang ! :+1::+1:


Shouldnt be too bad this go around as i kicked Murray in the balls.

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Update: the game servers should be back online later this afternoon (along with the new patch). I’ll let you know exactly when this will be as soon as I can.


Phew, I was getting worried! LOL