Server maintenance: May 28 [Complete]

Hi everyone,

The servers will go offline today at 15:45 UTC for maintenance. It should take around 15 minutes to complete.

Update: this has now been completed, the game servers should be back online.

The following issues were also addressed:

  • Lightning guns were working as a turret rather than a fixed cannon as originally intended (they were rotating and firing behind the ship).
  • Lightning gun damage per round has been reduced: new values for T2-T5: 55, 60, 70, 85 (previous, 70, 90, 110, 150).
  • Minesweeping: if a minesweeper is active and moves within sweeping range of a minefield already being swept it won’t sweep it. One minefield can only be swept by one minesweeper at a time.
    • No other changes were made to minesweeping at this time. A minesweeper still won’t be able to activate if doing so would cover the same area as an already active minesweeper. This change just prevents more than one minesweeper sweeping the same minefield by activating it from further away and moving it towards a minefield. It isn’t yet possible to see that that minesweeper isn’t actively sweeping the minefield in this scenario.



Could you please be so kind as to express your thoughts completely as you describe changes? For instance, does the sweeper stop working and therefore cause your ship to explode in a minefield or does the protection still work but not the actual mine removal effect?
Will we get a notice when we enter an area already being swept?
If there are three overlapping minefields can we use three sweepers or will we only be allowed to use one sweeper for the next 24 hours?
We aren’t asking for spoilers, we just want to understand how the rules physically work.


Thanks for the warning. lights several million ziryl on fire

I’ve added more details above to the section related to minesweeping.

It shouldn’t be possible to have 3 overlapping minefields unless some are below 10% density. I’d need to confirm, but I believe in this situation one minesweeper would sweep all minefields within its sweeping range, but no other minesweeper would be able to sweep a minefield being swept by another minesweeper.

What happens to the sweeper when it enters an area already being swept? Does it die?


@joe just to confirm… the second sweeper won’t “sweep” the mine field, but it can still move through it safely?

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@Joe comparing lightning guns (large weapon slot, 12 second timer to fire, hit-all-in-line-of-sight, T3/5.0-T4/5.8 dps) and cluster torpedoes (large weapon slot, 12 second timer, very wide aoe, 5.4 dps), seems like a fair match up. Re: tactics and fleet configuration time will tell. Now if you would reduce that missile travel time factor a little by, let’s say, reducing the wait timer from 12 seconds to 11 or 10 to match the lightning guns relatively quick application time from fire to hit.

Still has the old values listed in game. @joe

150 listed

To be fair, the Power Minelayer (T2) and Power Minelayer (T3) still share names, just like the Mine Sweeper (T1 and T2) and the Cloaking Module (T1, T2, T3).