Server is Stuck Nothing Moves

The server is frozen again, nothing will move and I lost 2 ships that were in a battle during the “crash”.

So it’s probably your fault, got it.

I’m guessing yours is down as well. Would be helpful if you would state that.

It’s not my server, but yes, the server is in molasses mode. It happens every so often, sadly weekends are more common. Which means it might be down/useless until Monday sometime.

Id be curious to know what causes these.

I recall ole @loopzilla set up a test in A2 where he dared us to crash the server and several of us rose to the challenge, I know I wasn’t the only one moving 100+ fleets around that day :slight_smile: and it remained stable…

I guess its some of the “new for A3” code of course then. Didn’t Joe or somebody say it was the automation code that stuffed the server last time or so?

The devs are looking in to this now, apologies for the inconvenience. I’ll report back here when i know more.

The servers were successfully restarted at around 11:20 UTC earlier today, apologies again for the downtime.

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