Seed Ship Restart

So, as you are already aware, once you are killed, you will be given a Seed Ship to restart with. Of course, there are also talks of allowing a restart if a certain number of your planets are destroyed.

I recommend allowing all of us a once/week seed ship for any reason whatsoever. We just press the button, and it’s like we lost all our colonies. This way, if, for some reason, we restart in a bad area, we can reset right off.

Furthermore, I think that any remaining planets and ships should immediately revert to pirate whenever a player spawns a seed ship. These ships would be under AI control, and could, potentially, be a thorn in the side of whoever killed you. I feel that this is far better than just everything getting reverted to native status and/or being deleted.

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I made the suggestion a few months ago to be able to research something in the tech tree that essentially nukes all your systems and starts you over. Make it a 4 to 7 day research, or whatever works.

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You shouldn’t have to wait that long if you’re just starting out, only have 2 planets, and someone wipes one of them.
Plus, I think it would be neat to see pirates pop up from all your old planets to fight for you.

I could see this working when a player just starts out (or was just reset). You know, something like a 3-4 day probation period… test out the area you’re in.
Not sure how I’d like having an opponent just vanish in thin air before one could take over his or her worlds (or at least the ones worth taking). Would sort of feel like a kick in the nuts (waste of time and resources during the battles that leads to their premature reset).
So besides that probation period I mentioned above, maybe another possibility to have a seed ship would be when you no longer have a planet with a shipyard. Don’t know … just throwing out ideas.

And just to clarify, I don’t particularly like the idea of an opponent disappearing and being replaced by pirate colonies. That just adds insult to injury.

I think a ‘restart button’ is needed. As many players start playing a faction then realise, “Oh wait, this isn’t actually what I wanted”. So for new players say a week at most a straight up disappear would be fine, as I can see hundreds of starter worlds abandoned.

But for larger players it’s not fair, and quite frankly a sore loser action to just hit the button that wipes all your systems. Particularly once you’ve stripped mined the planets there would be no worth in taking them, along with the people you just casually murdered.

A ‘surrender’ option would be ideal, say you fought a long war with someone you could towards the end go “Ok I give up” allowing the player to restart somewhere.

You could have the planets etc transfer to the victorious player, but I see that being exploited very quickly, but in this instance I would suggest, the planets becoming neutral, not necessarily pirates and fighting back, but simply up for grabs. Meaning when the player finally does throw in the towel, they don’t just disappear. But this could then mean those planets were up for grabs by other nearby players.

Some tweaking would be needed to prevent this being exploited, say some warscore ticker that means you have to actually have fought and losing a war with a player before you could surrender to them, stops people just surrendering to their friends, or allies to their allies for whatever reason.

You mean like … making them revert to pirate, so you actually have to work at it a little bit?

Reviving this topic as well. Carry on @Nolenaoir and others. This topic is buried in many other posts, but not under the heading of Seed Ship. So it’s a good time to revive the topic.

hehe My only day off, and the wife is sick and I have nothing better to do between watching the washing machine, so yes its me again!

Right so my take on a seed ship, everyone has one in orbit around their systems sun or some such, or maybe on their home-worlds Moon. It got them to this world but is now in disrepair. As this pocket of a player race has just regain interstellar flight they recover said ship and:-

: 10% of a players research, mined resources & credits are automatically deducted each day and are added to the “Seed ship refit fund”

So after ten days play the ship is ready for use and the drain of resources stops - except for research: 1% of the research pool is permanently dedicated to keeping the seed ship programmed with the most up to date data)

So every 10 Days a player can reset and retain the research and maybe even a chuck of Minerals (Say 10K each?) to jump start themselves in a random location. And I do mean random, they do not get to go play with the current intake of New players automatically! Maybe there next homework will be in a war zone or on the edge of the Galaxy so be it!

Counter suggestions please?

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By definition there should be only “one” seed ship, since it’s being used to do a complete restart. So I guess locating it at your homeworld would be most appropriate.

Research, resources and credits are all very low when you start the game, so 10% of your starting empire would be significantly lower than 10% of your empire 6 months later.

I think a tech should be required before a seed ship can be created. Possibly a branch of the colonization tree and should be placed on the tree that would represent the average of a player’s status one month into the game. If you want to restart within the first month, I think it should just be a full reset, you retain nothing, you just start over. It won’t be a specific amount of time (ie, the month), just the placement of the tech on the tree. Someone who’s built a lot of labs in the first month might have it available sooner than the person who hasn’t build a lot of labs yet. (I’m probably not describing this well, I’m sure someone will help me here lol)

The player, who’s been playing 6 months for example, is likely only going to restart because they are expecting to lose their empire. So at the first hint of trouble the player builds their seed ship.

The seed ship is only to provide a transport for a specified number of the population (similar to a colonization ship) and labs, that’s it.

The seed ship is has a flagship rates of let’s just say 16, so you can bring along 15 freighters that could contain more population and resources.

The seed ship can’t be destroyed if targeted for attack, HOWEVER it’s accompanying ships can, so an opponent can’t stop you from resettling, but might choose to make it difficult for your restart. I’d recommend that (and open for debate on the number) the number of labs be limited to 75 with full retention of all previously completed research. This way you don’t lose what’s been completed, but you are limited on the progress on what’s in the queue.

Once the seed ship is built, you would be required to add whatever population you intend to carry (limited by the space allowed for them) and to go collect up to 75 labs. The labs are then removed from the planet they were on and the seed ship is full once it’s collected the 75.

Once the seed ship and fleet is ready to be used for a restart, you’d launch it (by utilizing a specific send function). It would travel x number of light years visible to any opponent in the area who might want to take out accompanying ships (maybe the equivalent of 1 hour’s time), then the entire remaining fleet enters a wormhole (descriptive purposes only here, it’s not subject to attack at this point) and arrives at it’s destination which would be random as you suggested, but a viable resettling area. Now the fleet is again subject to attack with only the seed ship being impervious to destruction and you go exploring for a new home system to settle in.

Once launched, the research that was completed is captured and all planets previously owned are abandoned (just as they would be if you reset). You retain whatever credits you had at launch time. Until you resettle, they are not used, nor have a way to increase as no taxes are collected during the seed ship’s flight time.

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While restarting planets would be a pain, retaining the tech at least would save a lot of time/trouble and heart ache. You could get back into the war at least with your research in tact.

Thats a nice concept you have going there Puma.

I had “imagined” the seed ship as more of an ancient relic sorta thing that only with effort an offshoot of the major races can get going again - in return it serves as a kinda planetary Teleport, then has to be restored again before re use.

But I could dig convoys surrounding the great World ship kinda Battlestar Galactica style.

Hmm food for thought

Thanks, I like the BSG reference, hadn’t thought of it that way, but it kinda works lol. Hope the dev’s @joe give it some thought.

If the seed ship is visible it better be the fastest ship around to lose any enemy followers.

For the first hour (or whatever is decided) the fleet will travel at the speed of whatever engine is placed on the fleet. Likely W3 to W5 (depending if you have fuel on board). Once you “launch” the seed ship, it would basically disappear from whoever might be following you and end up at a destination unknown to both players (the person with the seed ship and the opponent following you), pretty much instantly. Then the seed ship and accompanying ships (if any) will begin exploring for a system to settle in and be the source for colonizing a planet. The “fleet” will be subject to attack at it’s destination, but the seed ship itself can’t be destroyed.

Another food for thought and similar to BSG, I considered adding the ability to “launch” (or “jump” as in BSG terminology) again if you find yourself in very hostile territory, after again at least an hour or so in the area, and again go to destination unknown and try again.