Secondary population not growing

When I build farms (obv not the synthis pop growth ones) The new race (zonks) do not increase to the new max growth. I have noticed this on two planets and I also have a feeling other organic races I have are also not growing past the original max. To be clear the size is tiny (of pops) 109k and ofc the planet can hold a higher pop so it is not that.

Are you building bio farms? A picture would be helpful.

I am building organic farms. And It is also not working for Harpy as well as the Zonks. Both of these did increase when i built organic farms till the last week or so. Not sure a pic would help and i am rubbish with screen shots anyway lol.

I am guessing it is something to do with them lauching Main 2 and Skirmish2 as I do not recall a problem before that. @joe

Pictures would help. Either here or to joe in private. Is this on Main 1? or Skirmish 1? If so Iā€™m still on skirmish 1 I can check there.

Hello! Only bio-farms allow you to growing up second population (Exception: when you captured the colony with already constructed farms related to second civilization). Civilization-specific farms works only for its population.

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^^^ what Thzen said

OFC ! I under rl stress at the moment so not thinking straight. I played long enough I should have recalled that. Thanks all.

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