Secondary population making a run for it

So i logged onto the 10x speed server just minutes ago and was going through my planets and when i got to my Squiddie planet i don’t see their darling lil face in the window pane. I exited the game and reloaded just in case but they are well and truly gone. Must have been a Calamari sale goin on and somebody came and filched my squiddies.

Never seen secondary pop just up and disappear has anyone else?

Did you cook them?

I must have frozen them. I am a robot lover of large cold worlds. perhaps this is the problem?

If you tried to make the environment ideal for Syntis, it’s entirely possible you eradicated the squids. And at 10x speed, it could happen pretty quickly, too.

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Squids are a terrible 2nd race to have any ways so no big loss there. Also bring a planet up to 90% landmass is going to kill them.

Not sure why squids where nerfed to being useless in the new server. They only had a niche early game use originally, but now they have no use :frowning:

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they are still good! for the first 24h lol^^


Not really, unless the planet has like 500k baron to strip mine too. Any squid planet will have under 20% landmass, so the planet will never have any value. trading a early game colony ship and higher corruption just to avoid building one lab to save ~20k pop isn’t worth it

Maybe if you colonizing planets just to grow pop faster, but id rather those be in a system with better planets. As any system with squids will have all low land mass planets

Early game when your struggling to get the res to do what you need and dont have any 2nd pop planets, they are all worth it.

Idk how things change on the faster server though.

I say Akkoroken are good during the first 24h! yay!, Harpies, Skregs, Zoni are pointless, Evos are only good for Syntis. Mountain Giants are “ok”.

The problem with all secondary races they is they suck due to pop size. If you arnt ripchee, nothing compares to the 50% pop increase from having them. If you are ripchee, well the 10% pop increase from snake is still better.

The next issue with them is they can only spawn on garbage low land mass planets. When im colonizing im looking for 70%+ landmass planets which none of the races spawn on (besides giants, but they are terrible for pop). Evos can be good very early game as a temporary lap planet to rush for a tech edge for early wars but lack any long term value.

They only count as 1 lab instead of 4. At 4 they would still be worth it for the early tech edge

yeah all the minor species need a huge buff to make them relevant and reduce the need for dual pops

I’ll chalk it up to er…robotic error then rather then a bug i guess. Was pretty sure their pop size was good, but hey no biggie as the planet is actually more usuable without them. Just gonna pop it into general assuming that perhaps that 10x speed may have expidited their demise as suggested despite me thinking they were okay. TAKE THAT YOU SQUIDS!!!

I understand that my statement was rather poor, but what I actually meant was the result of that. The pop by itself is only worth 1 lab, but when you have 3 labs, its worth 33% of the labs you have currently. What does that really mean? How fast can you come up with the resources to overcome that 1 lab. Having 10k extra pop just for existing is always better than not but its hard to gauge the cost of a small max pop early on especially when that max pop is irrelevant. Other questions must be answered before these.