Second Invasion Waves

Why do you have to wait for the result of the battle as an attacker before you can land more marines??
I read in earlier developer logs this was an action and could prolong the battle.

Can the defender do it?

At the moment only the defender can do it. The community has asked for it to be changed, although i dont think its high on anyone’s priority list. Yes it is only the defender that can do it.

Edit: changed the topic to game help.

The issue is once it’s implemented groups will gangbang planets with ease. No defense in the game as things are will stop it.

On a side note I think I saw devs wanted to add a timer to launching invasions like orbital bombing has. Good luck getting Corvettes and frigates to survive…

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I can’t say that is on the good side as it will destroy invading fleets a thing of the past as even a level 1 gun will wipe out a frigate.

Then add some armor. Right now I got a frigate with 1800 armor. Sure I have to drop some to add invasion modules but frigates is not what you should use for large scale invasion.

They are meant for raiding, which kind of sucks atm.