Screen Problem when entering the system view

Every time I first enter the system from the galaxy view I am getting the problem. I have to back out and go back in to get the right system view.

The problem has be solved. Don’t know if it was corrected by you or by simply restarting the game.

I pretty much get this every time in a specific scenario : I’m at a view and an alert pops up, I click to go and see, systems are blurred after.

I’ll try to note which view makes this, I don’t remember if it’s the fleet view…

It was when I went from Galactic View of all the Solar Systems and clicked on a Solar System to go to the Solar System view. But it seems that anything to do with Visual display errors with the game a reboot of the game seems to solve the problems.

I don’t think we did anything that would have addressed this. Thanks for reporting it.

Yes please let us know if you’re able to reproduce it, it’s not something I’ve seen before.

Roger that!

I managed to reproduce it, but it’s a tricky one :

So I get into this screen :

Where the blur effect is seen on the background (nice job btw, fits perfectly)

I open the notifications UI, I click on a past battle one, so that my view changes instantly - this way I do not close the ship trading UI properly.

Seems to have no effect - but then if I double click on a star system, BLAM! the blur effect is there - and only double clicking on a star system name, stilll looking for other occurences.

I know it does that too with the notifications when they pop up in the bottom middle of the screen, but I had none to test with, and anyway I think it’s linked to incorrectly leaving an UI that lets a blur effect flag still set.

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BTW : a return to lobby clears this visual bug, no need to close and restart game if it happens to you guys :wink:

To me it look’s like the gas cloud is what is exactly blurring in the background. The gas cloud that hover’s in the background for the game.To be more exact it’s the Gas cloud image that move’s in the background of the game that is freezing and becoming blurred and stationary.