Scheduled maintenance: December 27 [Complete]

Hi everyone,

The servers will go offline today at 12:00 UTC for maintenance. It should take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.
This should fix the issues with fleets ‘teleporting’ and fleet icons not always being displayed. We plan to post more details about the next steps with the Play with Friends feature later today.
We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.

Update: this has now been completed, the game servers should be back online.

Please note: since this update we’ve had reports of fleets still becoming invisible after moving them. Moving affected fleets and then restarting the game client appears to be necessary to restore normal behaviour.



i dont know if this came up but the maps on the two servers overlaid and are explored in the same areas between skirmish and main. will these areas still remain explored?

Welcome back Joe, we missed you!! Hope you and the rest of the team had some happy holidays!


Update : this has now been completed, the game servers should be back online.


Invisible fleets as you can now see. Plus first thing I did was move a fleet and it vanished.


Are you referring to teleporting fleets, invisible icons, or both?

just got an invisible fleet again. started that i couldnt load it with cargo. moved its position slightly in orbit and now its vanished

I had same issue but this issue was with the fleets that already where broken. After i moved them around and restarted the client it seems now it works. You should try this out. And see if that will happen later.


Thats a fair point. I had been finding that a restart of the client (roughly every hour) was causing the vanishing fleets to reappear . But yeah maybe if I move every fleet then restart the new moment orders will be under the new settings?

Bit disappointing that of the half dozen fleets I just moved 4 of them instantly vanished again…

The devs suggested moving a fleet once could be necessary for everything to update correctly.

I’ve just checked that system from your screenshot on our test environment and can see the fleet in orbit. Please let me know if it remains invisible even after being moved.

What’s the name of this fleet? I can take a look on our test environment (it’s just been synced with the latest version of the live game).

Just moved it outta orbit and:
Still nope

Joe its called tanker 9/4 s and its position is -43, 1853 and is sitting at lawatiriso G, different fleet as i cant remember where original one was but it has don the same thing and become invisible

When I loaded the game client this fleet was visible next to the star in that system. When I ordered it to move, it did then vanished. But, after restarting the client it’s visible again and hasn’t vanished after moving it around the star system.

Having same issues as before. I’ll try again.

get a feeling all fleets need to move then we need to restart client, and all issues will be sorted. many thanks Joe

I’ll give it a go and re edit this post.

The thing is for the last few days EVERY time a fleet vanished a restart of the client “fixed” it so what you appear to be suggesting is nothing new. The trick will be if after multiple restarts the problem goes away.

This occurrence happened after a fresh restart right after the Maintenance. That fleet I don’t think was involved in any ongoing action. It just disappeared when I when to move it from Planet to planet (as usual last few days)

Improved, but still with anomalies I have systematically moved about 20 of my 34 fleets then this happened:

Let me do the other dozen of so and i’ll report back. But yeah Grass Fleet seems to have stabilised.

Alright shfted everything I can think of save a couple of minelayers that are currently deploying. All seems to be well apart from the above, That did this:

On the third course correct it showed a normal flight path again so hopefully the weirdness is now cleared from that fleet as well. Is there some kind of instruction buffer now Joe? I figured their might be as you introduced these new automation options that would need a small amount of memory of what to do? It occurred to me that a maybe that’s why several course changes were needed to fully “flush” it perhaps?

Anyhow seems OK for now Thumbs up!

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In my testing so far the fleet hasn’t vanished again after restarting the client. I’m just moving it from planet to planet using the ‘Explore’ menu command.

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Well, I had the first fleet i select go invisible after I moved it. restarted and systematically moved every fleet I have and didn’t have another problem. Hopefully it holds!


Still unable to load or unload cargo ships. @joe

I tried moving it, it flew back to original system at warp 98 ( fleet bug ). I reset client.

Flew the ship back to the system where I want it. Still unable to load or unload cargo.

Moved it to another planet in system, game crashed. Got disconnected.


Ok, I think I finally fixed the fleet. Took 20 minutes of playing around and resetting. I hope I don’t have to do this with all of my 48 fleets. Because that would be 10 hours to fix all my fleets.

As trying to fix my second fleet. Having the same issues mentioned above. Do the moves, game is sluggish and unresponsive. Game crashes and I get disconnected.