Scanner and Sensor network


I would like to propose a T4 and T5 scanner, both for ships and planets. The issue is that in my empire I have either too much coverage, or too little. I have some systems so close that upgraded sensors overlap, and other systems that are so far apart I can’t maintain scanner coverage. Right now I am using fleets to fill in the dead spots, but with fleet caps this is a waste of resources.

What I propose is the addition of networked scanner and sensor arrays. With T4 scanners they will participate in a scanner network. The scanner network uses multiple scanners to triangulate and generally improve scanner coverage. What this means in game terms is that any space that is encompassed by scanner coverage is now scanned. In the image below there’s three scanners with overlapping scanner ranges. Currently, the green area would be fog-of-war. Instead, a T4 scanner should make this area count as scanned area.

At T5 it should do the same thing for sensors. If you can maintain overlapping coverage around an area then it effectively scans everything inside the area.

I could an arguement being made that if this were to be implemented then it would basically just mean that if a scanner ring were deployed around the perimeter of a territory then no internal scanners would be needed. While technically correct, there is a flaw with that idea. A single break in the scanner chain would effectively blind that player. Simply relying on a scanner/sensor network would be a bad idea.

I suspect that setting up such a network would require some relatively complex calculations running to define the area, and to establish the network, so perhaps this becomes something that needs to be activated. When it is activated it takes 24 hours for the network to come online. Additionally, for ships that are part of the network you could require that the ship is stationary for it to act as a network node. If a ship moves or is destroyed the entire network goes down.


interesting idea, i’ve got a few bermuda triangles in my empire as well, might be nice to fill them in.

I was thinking that changing it to a more radar like system could create interesting mechanics, like turning off your radar on your fleets to be less detectable and occasionally pinging like submarine warfare as an alternative to cloaking, this would reduce what you could see but you would be less likely to be detected.

I’d also like to see decoys added that could be deployed so they mimics the radar signature of your fleet giving a way to hide your signature and distract the enemy or even a module that changes the name of the fleet so you could try and pretend to be someone else or a pirate fleet.


Intersting suggestions :thinking: We will consider adding something like this in the future. Thank you