Scanned the planet, population is still unknown


But i kinda feel like i should know what both of the populations are…

The retention of basic information like that has eluded us for years. No real reason has ever been given that I’m aware of.

I think we have an open bug related to this (when in orbit you see the planet’s correct status e.g. colonized by a player, but after leaving orbit the planet’s status is displayed as unknown).

I’ll add this into to that, thanks.

Remembering stars/planets no longer inside scanner range is high on the list. We’ve not been able to get to it yet because it’s a big undertaking, but the devs are trying to get to it.

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Huh? A text file on the local client would fix this! How on gods green earth is that a hard implement? Sounds like for a change its not me over complicating an issue!