Sandbox or victory conditions?

Will victory conditions be introduced in the near future? Or will Ira remain a sandbox?

In past the galaxy there has been a victory condition where a person got this amount of score on a specific leader board and won in the galaxy. So it is possible to have victory conditions in public and private galaxy’s when they are added in.

I believe you will see multiple servers that will either be sandboxed or win condition.


this will ruin the game , diferent servers ? will just make population go low because some will want just to gater resurces and mine.

i really think this game shuld be exactly like eve a sandob BUT with much more endgame activities and allot more pve liek quests etc

Place in the ranking and the number of points is not a condition of victory. When I say conditions victory, then I mean rounds of or servers or worlds (galaxies) with clear conditions victory, wars clans, capture territoriy and logical the end of the round of. None of that. I bought the game after the localization came out to support the project. But I see that the main meaning of the game is still the lack of meaning, a lot of micromanagement and transshipment of resources. And the game itself is a meaningless sandbox.Or am I wrong?

Have you considered that a “sandbox” might be what some people want?

I saw earlier how the developers claimed that the game will have a sense and clear conditions of victory. That was over a year ago, but I still don’t see any movement in that direction. Therefore, the question arose - what if since then the conditions have been revised and the game decided to make a sandbox? Of course, there are people who like the sandbox, but personally I prefer that the game had a meaning, goals, and clear conditions to which you need to strive. I do not tolerate sandbox, so I want to clarify, will this game be a sandbox?

And I can hope that someone from the administration will condescend to answer? We have seen the road map before, there was a lot of interesting things, and among other things, the most interesting in my opinion is the conditions of victory and war of the Alliances. Since then, a lot of time has passed, but the game has remained a sandbox. So I want to get an answer - is the concept revised? Will you leave the game a sandbox, or still go back to the original plans?

I doubt it lol. Some things are not worth giving an answer to. This is one of them.

Why not give an answer? If you have decided to make a sandbox, then write. What’s so hard about it? Still, the game is not free, it costs money, and you need to understand what you will play before buying.

While I agree there should be clearly defined direction (and I myself want a mix of both sandbox and warfare), I think people are prone to getting defensive because of the original phraseology: meaningless sandbox for instance.

Also I’d like to add the caveat that I don’t remember the game summary on the steam store right now, as I’m a bit tired. I’ll have to look at it when I’m more awake to see if I agree that the current description is inadequate.

Judging by the fact that developers ignore this question, it is probably not so important for them. I don’t think the game will develop. Small changes in the details every six months, this is the maximum that you should expect.

Victory conditions were added to the game (mostly manually I believe) and have not been utilized much probably because the galaxy that used them lasted what 2 months? @Pepelekus im sure you can remember and are willing to comment about the duration. It was so short the devs extended its life past its expiration. If you look into the devs’ posts, I am sure you’ll see a post about some being sandbox and others with victory conditions.

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It’s been covered so why should they have to repeat the answer. Simple forum search is all that’s needed. Game will be both depending on what server you chose to play.

The condition was 100k in Grand Emperor leaderboard. One month is enough time to fullfill this condition by active gameplay. While that was surprise for devs.

It was enough for you, since you cheated your *** off. Or so I heard.

Yeah, I knew someone would flag this, I don’t really care. It’s public knowledge at this point.

He took advantage of the simplistic game mechanics and a large player who was on vacation. Notably however, he could have achieved the same results with inactive players and a little more time.

No, he exploited the ability to harvest asteroids in 0.5 seconds, and used the resulting resources to ‘beat’ the game in record time. Not the same thing.

There were no inactives in skirmish alpha3. Everyone were ready to proper fight. While I’d were on vacation few months and could spend all my time to the game.

Since alpha 3 Outscape has a great gap between 24/7 players and low active ones. That was a consequenses from intoduce limit to planets and fleets into existed gameplay.

never even heard of such a thing. While my saber-mining fleets harvest asteroids in few minutes. So the bug u talking about is neglectable thing againts fair gameplay ever.
Moreover I get much more resourses from assaulting another players of the same race with saber fleets.