Sabres for all

everyone should get sabres, or atleast make all corvettes but syntis flagship rating 8.

reason: its fun to have something else but full dread combat fleets

balance wise, what harm can 8/8 corvettes do anyway? basicly none other than attacking freight fleets (18/18), and 1x corvette + 7 battleships aint a thing, cause what shall they do to 18/18 battle fleets? rapid split and merging isnt a thing either with 100+ fleets.

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Why? you give no reason for it. if that’s the case then give everyone a PR Destroyer, best in game. Why have different civ’s if they are all equal.


That I can agree with for the ATD server. However each civ is to have it’s own strengths and weakness. Ripchee destroyers are lousy, vs all the other civ’s. And we are in a Dread vs Dread situation in ATD server because of the speed. Why bother with anything else. It’s possible that something a little more useful for other civ’s as an alternative in the ATD server is needed. I’d disagree on the slow server as the lower level hulls are more useful.


It does feel imbalanced that Ripche gets a corvette with flagship 8 and Syntis get what, 4? What exactly does Syntis have to make up for such imbalance? Repair module?

Good thing the devs said they will be focusing on balance as Ripche on paper seems to be the nr 1 choice and Syntis the last choice. Not just for this but fixed tax rating, fixed number of fleets? yuck!

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yamota is best

I can no longer tell… are a total noob or just massivly trolling?

(forgot to write flagship rating 99 for syntis corvettes)

on a serious note, they should all get flag 8 with syntis only getting flag 6 or even less.

I think you need to play more before you try to get involved in balancing discussions.

So just out of curiosity, how many thousands of hours do you have to sink into this game to be able to have an opinion and not be insulted by the likes of Rae?

One would think that playing regularly for over a month and 300 hours of active gameplay should be enough but I guess not on this forum.

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Sabres: 12 flagship
all other bio corvettes: 8 flagship (they are all “trash” anyway, so maybe 12 aswell?)
Syntis: 6? or 4?

only issue i can see is everyone going to cloak their freight fleets, but then again everyone is cloaking them anyway. (my other suggestion of cloaking cost based on shiplengh might help here.)


Thats just how some people are in this community. Theyre elitists.

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Nah, just use armed cruisers, they work for me lol. Try hitting those with cloaked sabers.


My favorite point of this game is that the verious specifications/configurations of the game system are related each other hence full capability of imagination.

When I entered this game first on Nov '19, I felt really fun reading the wiki. There were several days on which I was reading wiki more time than playing.

So even a bit of change, when I find in official announcements, or in discussions on this forum, I have fun thinking many things which will be affected by the change.

That might be why I’m sensitive finding opinions without based on outcomes from the wiki.

I guess those who are sometimes regarded as elitists may be same as me.


There are ways to disagree that is respectful vs treating other people like crap because they either 1) don’t understand a mechanic because they are new or 2) disagree with a person’s opinion. People could respectfully disagree or respectfully help to educate a new player, rather than treat people like crap.


Not really talking about you, im talking about a very specific few people who cant stand when people dont agree with them. They think everyone has to play this game the same way, you have to do this, you must build fleets this way, or your opinion doesnt matter. These are elitists i am talking about. This is a strategy game, a game where we can do whatever we want.


Everything in this post screams that you have no/limited experience with Syntis, or organics for that matter. That’s why multiple people, including myself, replied the way we did.

Ripchee sabers had flagship 12 before Main Two, and while that might have been a bit much, dropping it to 8 was excessive. Many experienced players have agreed with that.

Syntis corvettes can cloak and lay mines at warp 4/9. And their firepower is stronger than most corvettes.

I’m not even going to get into the economic balance issues, because they belong in another thread, but Syntis have been king since the insane ‘happiness’ adjustments that came along early in Main Two and threw the whole server out of line. Fixed tax rating… you know nothing. And once you have fleet docks, fixed number of fleets is also just about meaningless. Unless you’re trying to tackle 100+ ODS on a single planet, but that’s also a different problem.

‘Playing regularly for over a month’ is adorable. 300 hours is respectable. We’ve been here for years and thousands of hours.

So when you comment on a race you apparently haven’t played, or work with, based on knowing nothing about them, you’re going to get abused for it. That’s just how it is.

@Rae no surprise people are cloaking everything, because the existing cloak detection mechanic is way too much effort.

@Puma no surprise about cruisers, either… when you can make them in 30 minutes or whatever, they’re very disposable.

And @BigBoomer we all know who you were talking about. Have you told your new friends when your birthday is so you don’t get offended over that again this year?

Its funny that thats all you can insult me with. Well, youre a troll so what did i expect? You deserve a ban. In all 100% honesty, and im sure 80% of people agree with this. You are the reason cotp has a bad name. We all can do without a keyboard warrior who gets off to talking crap to people about what space ships they like. Its hilarious. You say “we” as if you have people supporting you. Only people who are on your side, are, people who are like you, and no one wants people like you in this community. You are cancer. Imagine a community without really any conflict, if trolls were banned, how great it would be to feel safe posting a suggestion without being attacked by trolls. Imagination, its a great thing.

See what i mean? Teeo thinks that only certain people (likely people he personally likes) have an opinion about this game. Well, teeos gonna have a hissy fit when he realizes this is a world full of human beings which all have minds. This is why people like teeo arent in power, if he were in any sort of power, i give it a few weeks he starts posting bills about turning america into a dictatorship. LOL

Guy with a job, wife and kids comes on the forums talking about how slow the main servers are
Teeo - “YoU dOnT eVeN hAvE a ThOuSaNd HoUrs yOuR OpInIoN dOeSnT mAtTeR!!1!!11!”

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@BigBoomer didn’t you post something spiteful towards teeo randomly in the discord server only to remove it less than 5 seconds later? Teeo is indeed a troll, but as far as trolls go, hes a helpful one, often giving full advice.

@Yamota Idk how old you are, but if you havent figured out already, you soon will that everyone has a history and everyone arrives at any conversation with that history. Take with you what you want from every interaction, adding it to your own history. leave the rest behind. Theres no reason to carry anyone else’s baggage whether they first appeared to you as a friend or a foe, it goes both ways.

You thought that was an insult? You need to work on your reading comprehension skills. It was just a suggestion, to avoid the embarrassment you went through in COTP. In addition to all of the other ones.

Actually I was referring to people in this thread who agreed with me, in general. I tagged them. Again, your reading comprehension skills. Did you finish high school?

Lots of people have opinions. I’m no fan of Puma or Rae, in-game anyhow. But we have similar opinions on improving the game, which we’ve shared here.

What have you shared here? Right. Nothing. You just attack me relentlessly.

I only play on the main servers, so this particular attack makes no sense.

So, coming back to the point… @BigBoomer did you contribute anything to this thread? Nope. Please try harder.

@odis I heard about something to that effect, right around the time @BigBoomer left COTP because someone was mean to him. I hadn’t talked to him in a couple of days, but it’s entirely possible he was still offended by something or other. I didn’t care then, and it’s amusing now. I don’t read the general discord, it’s way too noisy. But the forums provide some entertainment from time to time. And it’s so easy to trigger certain people when I’m feeling trolly.

Oh wah play the victim LOL. Now apparently im attacking you relentlessly. Lmfao…

At this point, i dont feel like i should contribute, because you dont. Why lose my mind trying to reason with you when youre the one who cant reason?

a helpful troll??? LMFAO
No. Hes a idiot who likes to insult peoples intelligence for daring to think differently than him. Ive yet to see him actually contribute to a thread/suggestion. This is teeo for crying outloud. You know? The guy whos only intention in this community is to attack people for thinking certain ways?

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