Roadmap to Beta


The comparison is they released a game without the promised and insinuated content. It clearly left that game with a black eye and I’d rather not see this game follow along that path. A longer Alpha and a delayed beta should not hurt them and would look better to customers interested in the game advertised.



Have no idea what the point of this is. No one expected to build 500 ships the first day that I know. And the devs would care if that was possible as it would likely be a cheat.



I realize all of that, but they didn’t say they were going to widely release the game without all of its majority components. With No Man’s Sky the largest backlash was mainly over not being able to play with other people (which they still haven’t fully rectified).

I understand if they were going to release the game without these functions, but its just Beta. I however agree there needs to be a minimum of at least some social tools in game, but I think foregoing balance, features, quality of life, content, and multiple other things right now is not the way to go.

They specifically said that this, the 29 tasks/features, was influenced by our responses from the “what 3 things do you want” thread, and the survey (which hundreds of people participated in). I can’t see them abandoning hundreds of players current feedback to work on 2-3 features no matter how important they are.

Right now, the game has a lot of flaws, and an Alliance feature which is predicated on working with some of these features isn’t going to fix that, and actually might hinder them in the long run, since they will then have to tie every feature into the alliance mechanics.

The other thing I want to point out is that they are preparing for Beta in Nov due to the American, Canadian, and European Holidays. They will open up to a large crowd of people that will actually have time to play.

Now, personally, would they rather put Beta off until Jan, that way they can get everything done, however I realize that they aren’t going to get another opportunity to have such a large ripe time to launch Beta for another year. They have a lot of moving parts they have to balance, so I can understand why they are doing things like this.

As a new player it might be easier to wait 2-3 months for alliance features while you have a fun game to play without as many bugs, and more feature complete, than to play 2-3 months with what we have now even though you can identify neutral, ally, enemy, as well as have line of sight, and see who is online (the third you can do through discord, and honestly you can coordinate very well through discord, at least 2 alliances I know of have used Discord to their advantage.)

Again though, I do think we need a basic friend and mail system. This will allow more depth of interaction, doesn’t require a 10th of the time alliances will to code, and we can at least use it as a proxy to get people into Discord. Lets be honest the majority of alliance/coalition stuff is going to take place out of game anyways.



They have had a survey (hundreds of players participated) that was extremely in-depth, and they also opened a thread which had several dozen members commenting their top 3 changes/wants. I don’t think they got side-tracked at all, I think they are just using a different medium to gain information, and contrary to what you have said, information that isn’t just a few voices. So there actually was a major vote, they are just using the survey to rate what people wanted first. They even cited these two sources as the inspiration for the current road map.



If you are referring to the topic “Top 3 things we should change/fix” topic, there were precisely 807 views and only 62 responses, not hundreds. As I said, many view, many read but only a few actually provide input or share their voice. If there was a voting mechanism like existed on Trello, then possibly those with no voice would vote. Some are too shy to share their views, but may quietly agree or disagree with something that’s been proposed.

If it is a different topic, then please direct me to it, I am just uncertain where you get the 100’s figure. You may have your own survey, but that is private to you, not this entire body of players.



I am referring to the 37 page survey that we all received.



I never received one. Was it by email? I will ask my coalition if they ever received one. Nothing has ever been mentioned to me.



Yep, the announced it, and sent it by email, it was a pretty big survey, I can’t remember if it was 32 to 37 pages, but something right in there. They allowed us to do things like rate how much time we play, which features were important, different aspects about the game, as well as end the survey with a written statement. They said hundreds of people participated, and were pretty happy with the outcome.



Might have been while I was ill, but I did check my email often and never received one. I am checking with others in my coalition. Thanks for the info. I know I missed many posts here on the forum, I wasn’t following it while I was off. Could you please link the post.



No emails from BD since 2017 when they sent out the key.



My 2 cents, I like the new features, everyone in this thread has salient points too. I do feel that a release to beta without wormholes is a mistake. Diplomacy, defense, resource sharing are all an integral part of MMO strategic games like this, put it out to Alpha 3, Beta should be used for tweaking and small bug fixes after the game is basically finished
I never got a survey either


#72 via - Got this email, as well as pretty much all the major alliances

It was back in May

Edit: I remember talking to at least 3 other groups that had their players taking this survey.



It looked like this. It was sent out on May 21st

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It appears that not ALL the players received the survey. One reported receiving one in May, the others who have spoken up in our coalition have said no they did not receive one. So it appears not everyone that was active received one. So it is not reflected of the entire player base, only those who received the survey.



It may have only been sent out to active players. Instead of the the whole community.

But I don’t remember running into people that didn’t receive one, it was pretty big news at the time.



The people who responded were active in May and they didn’t receive one.



Well then I have no idea how they handed the survey out, I just know that someone who got in our group told everyone to check their mail.



I don’t know how many it would have affected, and there is no point in guessing, I can only say that the few that responded internally except one did not. Whether that would change the outcome of their review and decisions is impossible to say. They should go forward with their plan in this case, I had no idea it even existed. I still feel it’s a mistake to leave out alliances, but to push back beta until that is done, whether in total or some basic features. But based on this new information I do understand their decision making process. @Cheatle not me



Yeah, they said like 300-400 people took the survey, so that is a pretty big slice of the pie of active users. A lot of people were excited about the survey, it sucks that possibly not everyone got one, but I am asking my group right now if people were missed.



I didn’t get one and I was active in May.

I take that back, it went to my SPAM file.