Roadmap to Beta



Cant wait. very exciting

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All of the features you expect to complete are very exciting, but with both coalitions and wormholes put on the back burner, our coalition is deciding whether to continue with Beta or wait for release where these features will be available. Thanks for publishing the roadmap, it’s great to see the direction that is planned.

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Good write up and well reasoned. Only the delay in Alliances raises this mans eyebrows, not having that ready before BETA is a surprise, and I feel, an error.

Yes I did read what you said stating doing that would take as much time as ALL the other things you are planning to do. I stand by my comment regardless, alliances would be better than all the very worthy tweaks promised combined.

But thats just one old farts opinion! :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to all this as and when its ready! Bravo lady & Gentlemen. Very well done indeed!

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The delay on alliance features/wormholes is a little disappointing.



Glad to see Fleet management getting in before beta, thats huge for me… I mean MASSIVE!!!

Alliances needs to get done right, and not rushing it for beta in less than 3 months is probably the best choice, slightly disappointing but there is a lot of good stuff that we need soon for QoL

Also for those that think they don’t listen to our feedback… I see a vast amount of changes here that were devised by players… Keep thinking and offering your feedback… it CAN make a difference…

Thanks guys, made my day!!!



Is the admiral a dreadnought? If so then will there be a pr cruiser? Because by the looks of the mankind dreadnought they are similar size, unless pr will have a ship EVEN bigger…

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I don’t disagree that fleet management needs to be improved. I’d rather see beta delayed than the alliance features left out. I feel that many waiting for beta will feel the same way and be sorely disappointed and be a detriment to their opinion of the game in total. We can do without new weapons, tech and ships right now if that would allow them to implement alliance and wormhole features and delay beta release to compensate for fixing the fleet management issues.

I only play team oriented games, this one is not team oriented right now. There is also no guarantee that players will be able to be near their “team” mates when they start and again unable to easily assist one another. So far our coalition has only 2 people willing to return to play beta because of the alliance features missing, waiting to hear from the others.

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May i ask, why are alliance featuers so important? We run alliances just fine in discord. And a lack of content makes people bored. So youre basically saying we can do with the boring game we have now, all so we can have an ingame roster showing whos online or not. I dont understand.

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Thanks for getting the road map up for us to see where thigs are heading. Like others I am a bit disappointed that the alliance feature is not coming out with Beta. I do feel that this is an error as it really should be a major feature of a game like this (as it is in other games).

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The inability to quickly get to an alliance member to provide assistance. I am neighbors with a member of my coalition. Because of the nature of the fact that we are technical enemies game wise, we’ve tripped over one another and destroyed one another’s ships. We communicate on discord, but we can’t easily help one another because we are technical enemies by nature of the game design.



You can assist people. Just not in an instant like you want it to. Wars dont last hours to days, wars last weeks to months. And right now we dont need to be able to teleport to people. It would help yeah but i just dont see the purpose of using time which is very valuable to developers on something like this. Let beta start and then they can put more thought into it.



I simply disagree with you. Alliance features and wormholes are key to the success of beta and impression of this game to those who’ve been waiting years for the beta release. I agree with the others who’ve stated that this is a mistake. I don’t feel being weeks or even over a month away from an alliance member is satisfactory in order to play this game effectively.

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This is alpha, not everything is supposed to be added when you want. The developers know best about the game, not you. And right now they feel this isnt needed. If the developers say that this cant be added yet, theyres probably a really good reason it cant. And tbh being able to teleport to people wouldnt be balanced. The fact the galaxy is so big and takes time to travel balances it. Because you dont just get to attack attack attack. But rather have long term planning. While your fleets are moving you can think ahead of time what youre going to do. And being able to just teleport to your nearest player without warning wouldnt give people the time needed to come up with tactics. I consider this game a “long term rts” where everything doesnt happen in an instant.



I’m not speaking about Alpha, I am talking about Beta. If the developers can’t get it done before Beta I feel they should delay it.

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But saying before beta means during alpha.



Also you were saying that they should delay everything and make this first.



It’s not on the roadmap TO BETA, meaning it won’t be available at Beta. That is my point. It can be the last thing, I don’t care, I just feel it needs to be in place before Beta begins.



Again not everything will be added when you want. Also the reasoning behind your statement really imbalances the game. How would we counter such wormholes? Simply coming to the rescue isnt the way the game is supposed to be.



A developed player cant just attack a newbie. Because of travel time. But wormholes make this possible. Any new person you might grudge on will be doomed, because of wormholes.