Rethinking Outscape: Warp Interdiction

Regarding another defensiv tool for casual players other than minefields: This whole Warp Interdiction field will only work if it is a structure on a planet that projects a field of something like 10 LY or so around the solar system that reduces the warp speed of fleets, but no matter how expensive or costly to operate this will be, people will reach a point in the game where they will have that structure on every planet. This will however slow down every attack so massivly that warfare will become very boring again. The solution to that might be, that this structure only reduces the warp speed of fleets by 1 Warp, therefor a Corvette flying at warp 9 will be reduced to warp 8 and so on. If there are multiple planets in the same system with that structure on each of them the warp slow down effect is additive, so 5 planets in the same system with a warp interdiction structure each will reduce the speed from warp 9 to warp 4. This will help casual players to defend their often very small space with a “tall” playstyle, while it will not slow down warfare between hardcore players that only pick the very best planets all over the galaxy.

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My opinion hasnt changed, I dont like these to replace minefields accross all races. Not going to rehash old conversations.

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I think the Awaken server speed is fine and no further slowing down is needed so no warp slowness while being online. It can already take hours to setup fleets, move to your opponent planets and bomb it. That should be faster but only for online players who are playing against each other.

What is needed rather is a clear distinction between offline and online players so that attacking an offline player should not be feasible, for a certain amount of time.

The idea that an off line player can’t be attacked for a certain amount of time opens up an obvious exploit. If your on line and get attacked simply log off and you get protection. This would be the move if facing a greatly superior force your going to lose to. As far as slowing things down again I’m against its plenty slow to do most things now even in the fast galaxy.

Owning only one planet a system doesn’t affect so much. It just makes warp speed slow down 1 level.
So for exploiting, you have to own many planets. Casual player could do that.
But experienced/active players are not expected to do that because they want to colonize better planets all over the galaxy as possible as they can. Occupying many planets in a system is not so much effective way for them.

This has been mentioned before and my answer stays the same. Every single competitive MMO has the issue where people try to log off to avoid a fight. It is an issue that is partly solved by having a period of time when you log off where you are vulnerable for being attacked. It is not a perfect solution but it is extremely important to allow people to log off and not have what they played for destroyed while offline. There is no successful MMO in the world that does not have this as the vast majority of gamers have lives, they go on vacation and they will not be playing a game where they risk losing most/all of their progress if they do so.

The only games that does not have nor need an offline protection is game that has a short build up period, e.g. MOBAs, RTS, PUGs etc where building up takes minutes and not days/weeks like in games like Outscape and other MMOs such as WoW, Eve etc.

You could just make the game function in such a way that an invader can begin their assult, but nothing truly meaningful can happen for 12 hours, such as phased invasions, automation, and the already implemented fleet docs.

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While both are online or offline? Because when you are online then things should happen at such a speed that you can do something meaningful, such as invasion, in a gaming session. One of the issues with this game is that it is conflating online with offline gaming and you can never find a solution that fits both and is enjoyable. How many people do you think would find it enjoyable to wait 12 hours to do an invasion? And if someone goes away for a weekend then that 12 hours is not enough.

When being offline then I think invasions/bombing should not even be possible for such a long time that it would not be feasible until someone has been offline for a certain amount of time. Something like planetary shields would be useful here where a shield kicks in X minutes after people log off and then will protects the colony and all your ships (not allies) in orbit for a certain amount of time, which would be disabled and recharged while being online and playing.

That way you can engage with people being online in one gaming session but not when they are offline.

You were apart of the conversation when linked the idea…

The spreadsheets in the pictures demonstrate how it would work… Yes, you would loose fleets in the initial assault, but your just not loosing the planet inside the first 24 hours on a reasonably defended planet assuming the attacker does not seriously tower over you in offensive strength. If you’d like I can go over the entire idea in more detail but as it stands I’m not sure many players read through the whole thing.

If the info in the link isnt enough, follow it to the original posts and please post a question there.