Rethinking Outscape: Visibility

One major problem is the lack of player interaction between casual players, most play this game singleplayer mode and although being in a persistent universe have little to no multiplayer play. A reason for that is the lack of visibility. Although i realy like this hardcore vision in Outscape with scanners, sensors, systems, orbits and such it does limit casual players to find friends or foes and start interacting. Surely the hardcore players dont have problems finding others but this game needs more than 60 active ones. A way to fix this might be to start EVERY new colony as revealed on the galaxy map for other players (red / green) labels without having to actually scout the planet with a ship. To help keep players somewhat concealed if they choose so, this could only start with a delay of 12h or 24h so that new colonies can be supplied with basic resources to get them going or defended. Another way to keep the new colonies hidden might be a button in the top row of the Planet view (next to turn down defenses) that keeps the planet hidden even after that 12h or 24h delay time at a cost of 3 planet slots / 3 planet corruption much like pirate fleets work. (“conceal planet”)

and to everyone now coming up with any crazy buildings or anything, my suggestions is a fast and easy way to implement that. dont just throw out a fancy idea without even thinking how it can be implemented in outscape. its about outscapes current visibility and how to fix that within the next weeks not months.

Or for players that are wanting to conceal planets that there could be a infrastructure that can be built to cloak planets. But cloaked planets only show to a vette that has a specialised decloaker for planet cloaks. This infrastructure would have a particle build up to where the time it spends cloaked depends on the particles built up in a buffer before using it. Once the particles are depleted it uncloaks. Plus to stop the misuse of constantly cloaking it for small particle build ups that it needs to be a certain percentage build up in the particle buffer to being able activate.

Iv argued in the past to have t3 senors see if people owned planets in the system in detection range. Id also be fine with always just knowing if people owned planets in the system

Players have the ability to see who has colonised planets next to them.They just aren’t visible. Which then they correspond to the in game messaging service to allow communication with those player’s. So it’s more down to player’s just not commiunicating to their closest neighbour’s.