Research & Science Centers?

Once all the research is done on your races research tree, can you dismantle all of your science centers without any harmful effects on your previous research? As a by product re-purpose the population to other endeavors?

I know that ship design research times are also driven by research, but I believe that effect caps at 100 science points. That would be something to keep in mind, and check on as you demolish science buildings, so that you don’t suddenly find yourself waiting 5 times as long for a new ship design to finish off.

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At present other than it’s impact on ship design research, I’d say no, but in the future I’d advise against it. At some point we won’t get “new” galaxies, but existing ones will likely be upgraded and further tech’s might get added that don’t exist right now, so it’s probably better not to get into the practice of dismantling them.

Like the colonizer module they just added the other day.

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This game needs some kind of repeatable techs.

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fuel economy…0,5% reduction in travel distance per light year, a simple easy repeatable tech expensive so it takes days to do it

yes plz, might make using fuel actually useful once you get enough of those

one of my ideas you like lol

Maybe planet capacity could be modified too, for synthis +1 planet cap, for bios +1 free planet before corruption kicks in.

Another thing could be techs that improves output of low % deposits.
Per level adds 1% to deposit rate, if deposit is atleast 1%, capped at 30%. Cap and deposit gets increased by 1% per level.

Example planet 15% Beron and 60% Beron

level 00: 15% Beron; 60% Beron
level 01: 16% Beron; 60% Beron
level 32: 47% Beron; 61% Beron (30% cap + 31% cap for level 32 techlevel = 61% cap)


Problem with repeatable tech is that those having played from day 1 on a server, will almost always be ahead somehow. I know people wish for something more when they reach the top of the mountain and are looking down, but that’s not always good for those below.


I’d like to see tiered research and varied branches off nearly every current tech available, but the only near infinite repeat we should tolerate would be that of the seedship’s capacity to retain research after conceding defeat and retreat. It should suffer harshly diminished returns but allow us to condense our tech vault’s contents to improve our next seedship launch.


that’s why they have an exponential cost, requiring a large difference in science to get any major power difference

Also i always take games like this to be if you didn’t play at the start of the server, you use it for training until the next restart

There will be many servers with various rulesets and resets. The main though won’t be reset after launch. Ideally the endgame meta will be politics, empire composition, logistics, solo and cooperative dogfighting, and not so much dependant on research though I expect it will still have its uses beyond ship design. Perhaps research rate might affect PVE questing and some espionage/hacking related PVP.

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Have the devs actually said that any where? Because it always looked like people only convincing themselves their idea was fact

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If there was repeatable colony tech, all that would happen would be a repeat of what happened in the past where everyone filled the entire galaxy and had enough fleets to draw borders in space with ships.

There are very few things that I can think of in the game that is safe to end up as a repeatable without some form of abuse or another. And ironically, the “safest” one is also probably the most useless tech. Credit gain. Because at that level we’re already rolling in credits, getting more is probably the most redundant and safest repeatable tech we can do.

Yes this has been said. If you go back to the discussions from 3-4 years ago when A1 first started it had been said by the devs. Several of us have been involved since Alpha1, including @SlayMoreDragons. Unless IDA has changed the intent of the main galaxy, this is their long term goal.

interesting… Maybe in 5 years then? Just seems like nothing in game supports that long term goal

Could be, never know when there’s only 4 people on the development team.

Which would be why you make it a tiny gain hence why i said half a percent fuel efficiency but i was expecting it to take around 30 days with 400 science points, so that any gain is tiny and costly

That is true, i say the game currently has about a 90 day life cycle, by 90 days you will have your 45 planets will have completed the tech tree and will have a massive war fleet (assuming you didnt get them killed), which is currently why now i am spending very little time on the game

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