Request of all Alliances

This is a request for all alliance leaders. We’ve just had a small incident involving two of our alliances due to the fact we have no alliance features as yet to identify ourselves and which alliance we belong to. Internally and with agreement from an alliance we have an existing nap with, we will be adding the tag -=Des=- to the front of all of our member’s fleet names. This way anyone will know which alliance these fleets belong to. The alliance we have a nap with is (or was in A2) doing the same.

My request is that all alliance leaders implement something similar until IDA has provided us with alliance features that will automatically designate our alliance affiliation. This will prevent any mishaps between alliances that have a nap or a truce.

For Destiny, if one of your alliance members has an issue with anyone whose fleets carry our tag, feel free to contact me, Emarel or EagleAR on discord.

@joe we need alliance features…


I thought you weren’t playing until friend/foe code was implemented? I know I’m not.

And this is relative to my post how? Your response is irrelevant.

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We were all mixed on whether or not to play this time around @Teeo people are allowed to change their minds. If you aren’t playing yourself then please bear in mind your data you use to make assessments and comments with will be out of date, relying purely on how other people perceive their data, and to pass it along.

I saw your mention of it in our embassy, and thought it was a good idea, I’ll bring it forward in our discussions @Puma


Excuse the aside from a third party but…

@joe could you make sure the ability to add a small “Tag” to all properties owned by a Player in an alliance, definitely be include din Alliances version 1.0 when ever that beastie appears.

Its pretty fundamental I know folks but I would not want a feature that is obviously considered Very Basic to be accidentally overlooked in the rush of doing other things…

[disappears back into the ether]


I’m well aware of all of that.

My comment was supporting the 9,999th request for alliance features that Puma included in the speech about tagging names or fleets or whatever.

Yes, identifying one another is essential

Since A2 most of us has been either putting AE in their fleet names and/or in a public note on their fleets

Either way work well to let others know who you are until we get something else

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It will be nice when the alliance tag can be put automatically at the front of every fleet name. As it is, though we instruct our folks to do it, they often forget. Causes a ton of problems.

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