Reports of My Death have been exaggerated

Looks like a simple graphic template mix up to me.

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You’re a pirate, right?

There have been problems with the battle results screens going back forever. Minefield kills, kills in orbit, and so on. This looks like yet another variety.

Being called a Pirate by you is such an honour…!
Necromancer my dear fellow…

Yeah looks like an old Bug is rearing its head again. No biggie, just curious why something I thought was sorted has come back. I have downed several pirates thus far. This is the first to show the wrong report.?


I haven’t even looked at my battle reports. Will have another pirate battle somewhat soon, I’ll see if it’s right or not.

Interestingly after a reboot to try and stop the gryating screen while I chatted… (!) The same battle as above now shows the right Victory graphic…!

@Joe dunno if that helps at all. But I thought I’d mention it.

I’ve created a bug for it.

In the 0.96 patch a bug was fixed where the battle result showed you as the winner immediately before the result had been calculated. Looks like fixing that has triggered this…