Replace meaninless explorer with new leaderboard "Pioneer"


I suggest to remove “explorer” leadorboard. Because it’s shows nothing. Peoples get scores from scouts wich flying in dark space out of galaxy with warp4 for nothing. Thats stupid.

Instead I’m wish for game to have another leaderboard which shows true valuable achivements in exploration of new systems field.
True benefits u can get pretty fast from inhabitated system is surface resourse and asteroids. So lets count them and show!
Every 1000 of collected resouses from surface of never-coloniesed-before planet gives 1 score.
Every 1000 collected resourses from asteroids gives 1 score.

Such a leaderboard will have two purposes.

  1. Competition
  2. New palyers can see from it how important to mine asteroids and collect surface resouses since they ill see that top ranked players in it are top ranked in emperor and industialist too. That can be a good hint for them.
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i still think it should be based on number of planets explored.



I agree as well that the board should reflect actual planets explored…



Such a leaderboard can only stimulate for some players to pay efforts with zero benefits. Exactly as with current explorer. Diference is only that exploring planets is much more time consuming. So if such a LB will be done I will call it the LB of fools. where #1 is a grand fool who spent most of time for nothing. #2 is looser fool who spent too much time but even can’t reach #1.

The LB which I suggest is much more beter.

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This is a step in the right direction sure. But has one flaw as is that i can see. If all the scoreing comes from exploiting planets are we not making it a lottery based on what the planet resource algorythmn chooses to drop? How does that reflect the skill & effort a plaayer expended to get to the new system(s) A small point value for a new system scouted as well please.

One other thought: as Pepe pointed out with a few tweaks T1 research stations can be churned out with ridiculous ease. Sooner or later they presumably are going to close that glitch… would not a full survey of a new planet be a good way of adding a few (IE a flat add not an hourley amount) of science points? New world might give new insights to things after all?



Without exploration, you’ll never discover better planets. By scanning planets, it also encourages tresspassing and other intrusive concepts that could lead to war. If the tally is changed to gage resource income, then it will be very similar to another LB and to see who has the highest resource reserves, I’ll simply need to check the LB for a stark difference between the 2.

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Oh lol! R u really put it as argument? Problem is that with such LB some people will scout planets for nothing, just for rank in LB. So who cares about people who scout planets only to find better ones. They will be on middle-bottom of LB.


wtf reserves? nonsence, nonsence, nonsence! those who don’t put resourses into ships or buildings or making more resourses than they can spent are rookies as u with zero understanding of RTS games.

U don’t understand the outscape atm. U must admit and accept it. Stop ur nonsence. I’m tired from u.



The difference between your revised explorer concept and the current industrialist broadcasts a players resource reserves and I am not going over the myriad of reasons (good bad or otherwise) why a player might have them, only that it should not be publicly available information without the need to scout that player.

Beyond that, none of the leader boards really have much value other than a trophy. You can be at the top of the boards, smashing fleets by the 100s like flies, but still be loosing the war and getting conquored. I am not going to converse much with you further, you are blind to what you dont already know as what seems to be your pride obstructs your view.

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Well said @odis and could not agree with you more.