Rename Skirmish mode!

Skirmish mode for some is just a training …and this is not right , people learn and stay there weeks months and new players need to know it is not just a introduction to the game it is a persisting world.

You guys should rename Skirmish in easy mode or even normal ( and rename normal and veteran)

something like

normal expansion ( because we are somehow near each other ) in skirmish

large expansion

and huge expansion like people who want to develop his army like 2-3 weeks and then go fighting to join first server but others that want to go for 2 mmonths to go for the Huge expansion

PS: people just get 7 planets and then go to normal and there they play 2 months to see one come and destroy them and quit …Be smart make skirmish a real world where players cna stay and play forever …not just a training ground :confused:

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i think you have a point, there. it would be a shame if people leave the server after having aquired their seventh planet …
as in “fine, i have mastered the tutorial server, now lets play in a real galaxy.” :confused:

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This seems to be right on the money. Skrmish was not orginally intended as a “Tutorial” Galaxy as I understood it? But it does appeaer thats what it sbeen forced into becoming and its not fit for that purpose without some heavey reworking.

I like Skirmish as a rule get in get built up have some fights get knocked back a time or two start again. FUN but nuu folks rush to the “Real” Galaxy then discover its harder and quit…

Can’t fix stoopid!

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