Release: Game update [v125] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch v125 will be released today at 14:00 UTC. Once the update has started the servers will be offline for up to 30 minutes. We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online.

Update: this patch has now been released and the game servers are back online.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Patch Notes v125

Gameplay Changes

  • Overpopulated colony rebalancing: population rate now declines x10 faster when a colony is overpopulated - based on the planet’s limit not the limit supported by farms. It’s still possible to overpopulate a planet temporarily, but doing so long-term and on a large scale isn’t feasible/worth doing.
  • City centers’ boost to growth will no longer be applied if there isn’t enough power to support them or there’s a labour shortage.

UI Improvements

  • Fleet selection close to planets is now much easier. A selection menu will open when clicking on a planet’s label if it obscures one or more fleets and in other scenarios where it’s difficult to select an individual unit due to its proximity to other units. You can still hold the spacebar to hide labels, but this change enables you to avoid needing to do so.

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


Troops decline at a lower rate and count as workers. Has that been accounted for as overpopulation?


O’rly? Mass city centers in one planet still gives population growth and tons of scores in grand emperor. All u did is only cut the credits.


That’s why I’ve been saying that just needs to be one per planet. In fact it should be similar to the government building, but only apply the bonus to the planet it’s on.

Should also have the ability to convert a tier five City Center into a tier 5 government building. This enables a faster recovery if you lose a government building.

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That’s why I’ve been saying that just needs to be one per planet.

And don’t forget that grand emperor scores can be massivly boosted by spending beron while ignoring labour shortage by building any kind of structures.
So u suggestion doesn’t fix this side of issue. The true source of trouble is not city centers itselves but ability to ignore the great labour shortage.

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Again I don’t care about the leaderboards. It doesn’t affect the game economy. You want to spend a trillion resources on buildings that don’t work have at it.


The problem I see is the depositors are still pushing up the Syntis growth beyond what would happen without the depositors. Since they shouldn’t function due to the labor and power shortage, only normal growth should exist.


Doesn’t this make overpopulating planets still a viable exploit?

Seriously man, what is going on. Have you guys stopped development almost completely?

I mean, no blogs/galactic news and only these bare minimum patches that only half-work.

The only buildings which should work when either having labor/power shortage are farms, barracks and ODS. All other buildings should act like they dont exist at all, i.e. not giving any benefit at all.

Makes sense that military buildings are prioritized and has a bonus of weakening that horrible bombing mechanic.

Couple that with the recent price hikes and that would make the game virtually unplayable as there would be no way to get enough income so fleet production would go down to even lower than it is now and make them even more valuable -> leading to even less fighting/wars.

Stop balancing the game based on exploiters!

One city center can be balanced to be equivalent to 100 of the current ones. All depends on how you want to balance and do away with the exploits.

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Oh ok, I thought you meant nerfing (non exploited) income even further. But in that case I would say that is a good idea as fewer buildings would means less micro and overhead. :+1:

In fact, applying that logic to most buildings would be benifical in making developing colonies less of a headache.

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Why not have a limit on how many buildings a planet can have based on its size.

Just a random example:

  • 23 km - 230 buildings
  • 16 km - 160 buildings

This hits mines and rypchee

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Then players just chase the biggest planets like they do now. Would be overall better to make any sized planet viable in some form.

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