Release: Game update [v124] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch v124 will be released today at 14:00 UTC. Once the update has started the servers will be offline for up to 30 minutes. We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online.

Update: this patch has now been released and the game servers are back online.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Patch Notes v124

UI Improvements

  • Resource transfer: it’s now easier to transfer away all population from a colony. The population size is frozen while population is selected for transfer. If the entire population available at that moment is then ordered to be transferred, the colony will be abandoned (and any additional population generated in the meantime will also be included in the transfer if possible). This simplifies the solution we originally proposed.
  • Galaxy overview: planet size and land mass have been added to the ‘Planets’ tab (to make room for it, population happiness is now displayed on the ‘My Empire’ tab only)

Bug Fixes

  • Having scanner visibility of another player’s fleet(s) that merged, docked, or intercepted a fleet sometimes triggered a game client exception (this was partly addressed in a previous patch but the root cause has now been identified and fixed)
  • Fleet management: selecting a fleet to change its position triggered a game client exception
  • Planet management: the wrong planet icon was sometimes displayed relative to the planet’s environment
  • Galaxy overview:
    • A to Z sorting didn’t work correctly on the planet name column
    • The happiness rate of the second population wasn’t color-coded
    • Happiness didn’t update for an organic 2nd population when Syntis were the 1st population
    • When the destination of a fleet was another fleet the correct icon wasn’t displayed

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


Now, I am really tempted to play again. :scream_cat:


wow finally! so good!

Now if you would put a new tab in the Galaxy Overview menu named ‘Shipyards’ and put all of the possible shipyard interactions/info in there, I would be so happy.

I would really appreciate total build time to complete the queues.