Release: Game update [v123] + New Andradite Galaxy Launch [Complete]

Hi everyone,

The launch of the new Awaken the Dark galaxy ‘Andradite’ and the v123 patch release will start today at 13:30 UTC.
The servers will go offline at this time and are expected to be back online within 30 minutes.
We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online. Once they’re back online, the new galaxy ‘Andradite’ will be ready to join from the game lobby.

Update: this patch has now been released and the game servers are back online. The galaxy ‘Andradite’ is ready to join from the game lobby.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Patch Notes v123

Gameplay Changes

  • Invasion launch countdown added: fleets can no longer launch invasions instantly from orbit. Once an invasion has been ordered it will only be launched if the end of the 12 minute countdown is reached (similar to how orbital bombing works). This gives guard fleets more of a chance to defend the invasion before it’s launched. Note: this change was added for all galaxies.
  • Guard fleets: if an interception causes a guard fleet to leave the guard zone it will automatically return to the area just outside the system instead of entering it. Note: guard fleets are only in Awaken the Dark game mode galaxies right now.
  • Balance changes for new Andradite galaxy only:
    • Surface resources: the maximum deposit sizes possible have been increased
    • Scanner ranges
      • Planetary
        • From: 35, 35, 35; To: 25, 35, 55 (LY, for levels 1 to 3)
      • Ship
        • From: 15, 20, 25; To: 12, 18, 24 (LY, for levels 1 to 3)
    • Ship hulls
      • Izzvil (People’s Realm): HP increased by 40 (cost increased relatively)
      • Alpha (Ripchee): HP decreased by 200 (cost decreased relatively)
    • All buildings
      • The first levels of buildings remain mostly the same and very affordable, but the higher levels are more expensive but also more powerful than before (in general, the power of the building’s main attribute doubles with each level increase). See this dev diary post for more details.
    • Mines
      • Level 2 and 3 mining speeds have been decreased by about 20% but Level 2 mines can now also deep mine (at about half the speed of level 3)
    • Lab science power
      • From: 1, 2, 4; To: 1, 2, 6 (for levels 1 to 3)
    • Military bases
      • Required population increased from 2,000 to 5,000 for all levels, but troops supported changed from: 1,500, 1,700, 1,900 to 1,250, 2,500, 5,000 (for levels 1 to 3)
    • Engine speeds reduced, energy provided increased
      • Base: boosted warp decreased from 4 to 3
      • Improved Warp Engine: boosted warp decreased from 5 to 4
      • Dark Energy Engine: boosted warp decreased from 7 to 6, energy increased 125W to 150W
      • Zero Gravity Engine: boosted warp decreased from 4 to 3, energy increased 175W to 200W
      • Hyperspace Energy Engine: energy increased 250W to 300W
      • Scout Engine: boosted warp decreased from 9 to 8
    • Ship parts
      • Shields & armor: power has been rebalanced to better reflect cost
      • Colonization modules: level 3 adds level 2 buildings and level 4 adds level 3 buildings (the same number of buildings are added, just the higher level versions of them)
    • Minefield damage
      • From: 20, 50, 200; To: 10, 25, 75 (for levels 1 to 3)
    • Note: the changes to Harpy changes previously mentioned haven’t been made yet (sensor range to be able to detect cloaked fleets and minefields)

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


errr, it was already next to impossible to fit enough troops in a ship to win an invasion, now you also need to worry about the invasion ship having enough armor to survive ods fire? Well i mean its not like invasions ever happened in the last speed server so i guess it doesn’t matter, but it seems a bit backwards


Good, no more stealth invasions. :+1:

Good I guess, this makes starting a colony a bit quicker but wont matter much in long therm. :+1:

Great. Minefields role will now be that of softening up targets. But now maybe it is time to improve it by removing/slowing down the auto-decay and thus remove all the micromanaging of re-applying minefields every day. :+1:

I understand why, because the time to warp is too long and the guardian fleet range is too small, but this is the worst possible change as, instead of increasing the abysmal guard range and/or decreasing the time to warp, you instead took the easiest approach and are now exposing the guardian fleets for everyone to see. :-1:

Guardian feature does not fill its purpose of offline defense. Range is too short, no speed buff and cost to high for the very little benefit this brings.

Terrible change without first fixing bombing/ODS. Before this change a fully developed colony takes anything from 500-1000 hours to build, so lets say 750 hours. And it takes a dedicated high level player 1-2 hours to destroy such planets and now this change will make that even worse as the loss will be even greater.

Do you really think it is reasonable that something that takes 750 hours to build can be destroyed in a couple of hours, even when offline, and millions of credits and Beron? This change makes matter worse for all new/solo/casual players and I would say that even for hardcore gamers the huge discrepancy between building something and destroying something is way, way too much. :-1:

Why? This is supposed to be the speed server and you just slowed down the speed server. It already takes hours to travel from one side of your empire to the other and now it is worse. Also you did nothing to improve the next to useless Zero gravity engine. :-1:

My prediction is that these constant cost hikes/mining reductions will make ships/colonies worth more and a greater loss when you lose them. This is the wrong approach to take if you want to encourage fighting and not have people give up. Low cost -> more fighting, as you take more risks, and you tend to give up less frequently as you can bounce back easier. With increasingly higher cost the victor takes all and the the loser is game over. Poor design strategy for an MMO. :-1:

Overall a pretty bad patch which will take Outscape in the direction of being more unforgiving by increasing the costs of buildings/ships and doing nothing to improve the situation with bombing. Guardian feature does not fulfill its function as an effective offline defence and works like an expensive scout catcher.

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So the balance changes with parts, lab science power, and surface res changed for the speed galaxy, ok. But the ship hull HP needed to be balanced for the speed galaxy only? It does really sound like the speed galaxy is more for testing… I guess the main galaxy would be the control group?

So armor and shields were nerfed, labs were nerfed by giving -.250 happiness, and everything is more expensive to upgrade.

This is not 100% accurate. By adding deep mining to t2, and reducing it’s mining rate, t2 mines will drain a planet more slowly while also procuring a reasonable amount. The net result could be more res as t3 mines are produced even though, long term after the surface res is gone, the res will slow down. This is my expectation at any rate.

Edit: the above is a little unclear. I mean more res at the same time t3 mines would normally be produced. This is also under the assumption that t2 mine unhappiness remained unchanged which is unlikely considering the jump t3 mines made.

They also nerfed deep mines by giving them -.2 happiness now, even for the level 2 mines. So i can see players using lower tier ships.

Started as PR on the new galaxy and the fleets were one scout, three colony and three newbie guard fleets.

Was a change made to the starting amount of scout fleets? Was expecting more then one.


I have to question the spawn as well as the systems for mine seem to be lacking. I have 5 in my guard area and my neighbor to the west has 12. Seems like a big imbalance.

LOL! So not only are ships more expensive but they are also easier to destroy. This is the worst of all cases. Fleets more valuable but also more fragile => Higher risk to engage in combat => less combat and if you suffer a bigg loss then you are effectively game over.

The devs should hire a game designer, not sure they understand how MMOs are designed. You want to encourage people to fight by reducing the risk of losing and be able to bounce back if you do lose. These changes does the opposite. Increase cost/risk and make it harder to recover.

Also, weren’t people complaining that battle are over to quickly? So this nerf to shield/armor is going to make it even faster. :exploding_head:

No one is going to rely on the existing deposits for anything except early game. At late game everyone will have T3 deep mines, which now produce less resource => fewer ships => more valuable ships.

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I dont really remember anyone who even wanted these changes. If anything the armor of ships should have been increased to extend battle times, what we really wanted was weapon balances and ship balances. All these buildings costing millions of credits was not only a bad change, but a change nobody ever asked for. The only change to buildings people wanted was the deep mine nerf which is the only good change in my opinion for this server. I was honestly disappointed that this is all that was done. Hyped up this new server as if there would be a new meta, the only real change was that it takes longer to build up your empire, which is the exact opposite of what this galaxy was intended for. Like yamota says it will just make a bigger gap between casuals and tryhards. Casuals will be struggling to upgrade their planets and build fleets, while tryhards will have all of this and the buildings are even more powerful giving them even more advantages.

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Yeah I have completely lost faith in the developers. I saw a glimmer of hope with the announcement of the guardian fleets and nerf to minefields but the lackluster implementation, being of little help for offline defense, and now these terrible changes.

  • Weaker and more expensive endgame ships
  • Dramatically more expensive endgame colonies
  • Reduced endgame resource and credit income
  • No change to bombing or even acknowledging that being able to destroy a fully developed colony, which took 500 hours (minimum) and millions of resources to build, in 2-3 hours is horribly imbalanced.

Just today it took me less than three hours to destroy a 1.4 million pop system with 40 ODS and 40 Dread fleets guarding it. I mean, hello? Does anyone think that is reasonable?

I am beginning to have serious doubts about the longevity of this game as the devs seem to balance this game based on the top 10-20 players who spend 10 hours per day on it and have people guarding their colonies 24/7. Good luck getting a large enough playerbase consisting of those type of gamers.

guys can you stop this negativity for once and just play the game with the new changes?

A bad patch is a bad patch. Playing the game is not going to change that and in fact I am feeling reluctant to do that right now. :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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The patch has been out for 3 hours… seriously keep it real.

And it didn’t take three hours to identify how bad it was.

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So, what would you have done instead for the new galaxy?

*Made turrets more useful.
*Buff carriers.
*Buff aoe missiles.
*Buff ships like the trafalgar.
*Nerfed deep mines like now.
*5 minute raids.

Thats only my opinion and other people have their own wants.

Pretty much everything in the game was nerfed. Planet production, labs, armor and shields, even warp speeds were nerfed? Why? Nobody asked for these.


I built 4 mines and went to negative happiness with the PR home-world at the starting tax rate. I have to wonder what’s the point of adding high negatives then making the fix part of an uber expensive government building. The devs and some players ideas of balance are bad for the player-base.

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@WarMongers I mean, yea that’s pretty bad.

@BigBoomer Idk that any of those things really fix anything.

there is nothing in the last @WarMongers post that was changed with the patch, its exactly the same on the new server as on the old… some people here are seeing ghosts…