Release: Game update [v122] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch v122 will be released today at 15:15 UTC. Once the update has started the servers will be offline for up to 2 hours (longer than usual due to a maintenance task we need to perform). We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online.

Update: this patch has now been released and the game servers are back online.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Patch Notes v122

New Features

  • Guard fleets:
    • Build a guard fleet control on a colony to establish a guard zone around that star system (3LY radius)
    • Order one or more of your fleets to guard that zone (fleet must be in the zone first)
    • Enemy fleets entering a guard zone are automatically pursued and attacked by your fleets guarding that zone (excluding pirates)
    • It’s not possible to lay a minefield if that minefield would overlap a guard zone
    • See the wiki guard fleet control page for more details
    • Note: the guard fleet control costs we previewed a few days ago have since been decreased following player feedback
  • Steam achievements:
    • There are now 24 Steam achievements in Outscape (with more to come)
    • You can view your achievement progress through your Steam profile or the Outscape page in your Steam library

Gameplay Changes

  • Minefield damage in the Awaken the Dark galaxy was nerfed:
    • From: 70, 300, 1200; to 20, 50, 200 (for levels 1 to 3)
  • NPC guard fleets (and the new guard fleets) won’t automatically attack cloaked fleets they don’t have visibility of (in the next patch we plan to add a countdown to launch an invasion from orbit, similar to how bombing works)

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes when viewing another player’s colony the population size was incorrectly displayed as zero. Performing an action against the colony e.g. bombing it would then trigger the correct population size to be displayed. This was purely a display issue in the game client caused by an issue with caching.

Note: the Skirmish 1 galaxy will also be removed at this time.

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


Yes. Thank you for this, and the update finally. Though im kind of disappointed that this was all that was in the update. When can we expect those balance changes and a new galaxy?

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New costs

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I think tomorrow we’ll be able to confirm the data for a new Awaken the Dark galaxy and the balance changes we have in mind for it. After that galaxy has launched we’d like to launch a new Main galaxy and include further balance changes for that.


Is this intended @joe building the guard fleet building gives me the ai pirate guards again.

I still dont understand what a 3LY radius guard fleet can do better than just having your fleets sitting in orbit o0

Good one, I see that the price has been decreased which makes testing this much easier. Would be easier to test if they would pursue pirate fleets as now I have to convince someone to invade my space :grin:

Another good one as this is another incentive to build these still rather expensive buildings.

Cool. No more cloaked ninja invasions. I hope…

I agree that the range is too small, it should start at 3 LY at T1 all the way to 8-10 LY at max level. And it should be a slider so you can adjust it. But one reason I see to use these 3 LY range over zero (orbit) is to prevent scouts from sitting inside your systems. That is just theoretical though as, since the guard fleets gets no speed boost and I dont see anything about auto-refueling, it means that a human player can either just go around them due to speed advantage of boosted warp or by luring them out to one side and go in the other.

But all in all, in its current form, I don’t see this feature to be particularly useful. AI vs Human, without significant buffs, AI will always lose. But have to start somewhere I guess.

I got some too! Please let this be a feature and not a bug. Generated guards that does not cost you anything is so much more useful and safer to use than your own fleets!

Most likely it is a bug though as I only got them for the first fleet building I built.

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space magic! lets summon more space dragons to defend the realm!


Hi, I’m running 122, but these techs don’t appear in my tech tree. What am I missing ? Is it right there but I can’t find it ? The Achievements work fine.

  • never mind, just noticed the “only in the ATD galaxy” part.

Where is the Main1???