Release: Game update [v121] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch v121 will be released today at 15:15 UTC. Once the update has started the servers will be offline for around 30-45 minutes. We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online.

Update : this patch has now been released and the game servers are back online.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Patch Notes v121

Gameplay Changes

  • Hull prices have been adjusted for the Awaken the Dark galaxy
    • Click here for the full list of changes
    • The prices for levels 2, 3, and 4 hulls have been heavily increased to reflect the much faster pace credits and other resources accumulate
    • This change is experimental, but if it works well for the Awaken the Dark galaxy we’ll take a similar approach in this galaxy for other items e.g. weapons and buildings
  • Fleets are automatically split after battle if the flagship was destroyed and the new flagship can’t legally support the remaining ships
    • e.g. after a battle the new flagship can support 5 ships but there would be 8 ships in the fleet, a separate fleet with 3 of the ships is automatically formed
    • If an extra fleet can’t be formed because the fleet limit has been reached, the excess ships are destroyed instead

UI Improvements

  • Notification window has been reworked and optimized
    • Notifications are now a single list (Upcoming and Previous tabs have been removed)
    • Notifications can be filtered with a search string e.g. planet, fleet, type of action

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where having visibility of another player’s fleet while it was docked, split or recycled could trigger the game client to crash

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


Mankinds prices need to come down. A valkyrie costing only 4k less than a t55? A trafalgar costing only 12k less than a solaris? Prices need to come down a little more for balancing purposes.

Is this necessary? I feel like it shouldnt be too difficult to split the fleet and then continue splitting until all ships/fleets follow the rules.

And now with fleets getting automatically split up all you have to do is use a cheap suicide fleet to kill the flagship and screw everybody’s fleet formations up. Absolutely horrendous solution to the issue.

Afraid of adding more strategy to the game? Cover that flagship.


Also, this price change means nothing really in the current atd server. Since all the top players already have their whole fleet cap as full battleship dread fleets. We need a new server. @joe can you give any insight as to when the new atd server launches?


Cloak some battleships with Fleet carriers, Flagship will be gone by the time everything turns around. The game will then reshuffle the fleet formation allowing what’s left to be killed off easier. Right now a full Dreadnought Fleet versus a full Dreadnought Fleet is basically Mutual annihilation. Now there’s a way to screw up a players Dreadnought Fleet at a potential substantially lower cost.

Although I am sure this is balanced against how the top players are mining, overall this is a bad change as more expensive ships means they are more valuable which in turn will discourage fighting instead of what it should do, which is encourage fighting.

I hope this does not follow the evolution of Eve where endgame space ships are so expensive that most people engage only in asymmetrical battles, i.e. only battles which heavily favour themselves and make people avoid evenly matched battles.

This is also bad for casual/new players as it will make it even harder for them to be competitive. Overall it is a bad idea to balance the game based on the top players as they are naturally in the minority.

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Indeed. Another downside with this change. Top players already have hundreds of battleships and cruisers where as new and casual players now have an even higher ladder to climb. So I guess a new server is really needed now and the current Awaken will turn into a ghost town.

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I really like the idea of making higher tech ship costs increasingly more resources. :+1:

It should be implemented in the next main server with module cost changed in a similar fashion, as well.

Auto splitting fleets loosing their flagship with no appropriate ship to take over is also a great change. :+1:
Enforcing game rules is important!

I wish they would remove mines, so I could return to play. Please? :pleading_face:
(Minefields are still in the game :-1:) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Turrets on ships that have LOS for front and back (yea I know… Not many positions where this is a thing) and use missiles and torpedoes. Also, all strategies for countering invisible fleets.

I think we really have to experience this before we can really decide if the change is good or bad…

Anything that resets fleet formations and deletes ships is a bad change.

There are other ways of stopping players from setting up things to overcome flag caps.

I’ve left 2 posts that answer that. I assume this is what they are implementing bc it was easy to code.

I agree. Minefields are horrible and should be removed or drastically toned down. However, not sure if you have realised, this cost increase change has made it even more powerful. It already had the potential to destroy fleets, specially during offline movement, worth millions of resources and now that has drastically gone up. Making minefields even more devastating to moving DN fleets while offline.

So basically you have to babysit your fleets while moving, even if it takes hours to move from one side of your empire to the other.


You say that like anything would change without the minefields, only the difference is that your opponent would have to bring in his fleets to hit yours. Really not much of a difference especially if you’ve got minefields of your own. Set sweepers to sweep and no one can start laying a minefield for its duration and then they would have to wait for their own mine layer to finish.

I do not know if I will continue responding to the antiminefield thing, but since I won’t be playing in the speed galaxies, I welcome the devs to remove minefields and add in automated defense options for players and watch the train wrecks.

Not sure what you mean. It is a huge difference if my opponent has to bring combat fleets, and risk losing them, to defeat mine in ship to ship combat instead of cheesy minefields, which cost virtually nothing so you risk losing nothing if you use them yet has the potential to lay waste to massive fleets.

That is one of the reasons why mine-fields are so terribly imbalanced. They cost virtually nothing yet has the capability to destroy fleets worth millions. A weapon, or mechanic, need to have a balance in cost vs gain/dmg and minefields does not. It is a superweapon that is dirt cheap to use and can even be used using cloaked ships.

I’ve given enough of my strategies away on this topic and will elect to keep the rest of my strategies for my alliance only, but I’ll give you a strong hint. T2 ships are the answer to the question.

Realy cool changes, now we need some increasing resource costs for the different tier weapons.

And a new server! with some sort of endgame content. even if its just a new tab on the scoreboard for holding a planet on 0/0 (king of the hill) or 10 of those planets scattered around the galaxy. maybe with a minor faction specific to that.

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T2 ships are not the answer to the terrible imbalance of a mechanic that costs virtually nothing yet can destroy fleets hundreds times its cost. If minefields are ever to become balanced it need either drastically reduced/capped damage or cost. As it is now you can put minefields everywhere as they cost so little.

I was about to tell you that you misunderstood my statement, and then I realized how with a small change to the game, it is also the answer the way you understood it.