Release: Game update [v120] [Complete]

how did that pirate die at 2:18?

Theres a bug where cannons can fire through ships. The projectile animation gets stopped at my freighters but the actual projectile still deals the damage.

Where we are going

Whilst we are proud of what we have achieved, it has just taken way longer than hoped and our rate of progress is still slow due to the need to support players and maintain reasonable levels of quality (remember we have two developers in total). We have delivered a tiny fraction of the planned features, despite having a fully working game. A very quick brainstorm (and this is still a tiny fraction) of things we are excited about doing in the (hopefully) near future:

  • Alliances – player roles, group chat, etc.
  • Greatly relax expansion limitations – colony vassal system, space docks
  • Quality of Life & Automation – remember history, multiple orders for fleets
  • Better Battles (strategy, look, feel, depth)
  • Wormholes (natural and player generated)
  • Territorial Markers
  • Seed Ships
  • More interesting galaxy
  • Ion Storms (galactic localised weather)
  • Sectors – each with unique characteristics and traits
  • Mysterious galactic things – players have to figure out what they are and what to do with them
  • More Content – tech tree, civs, weapons
  • More PVE, and not just pirates
  • Player Profiles plus mini-achievements
  • Private Games and the ability for players to customise them
  • Ability to Draw on the Starmap and also share those drawings
  • Even larger map – one universe to rule them all


this list was asked about in other threads and players have been requesting items on this list so i figured i would post the whole thing even though only 1 line is relevant. The devs agree that combat is too simple (or at least they appear to). perhaps ship movement will be implemented when the game goes live. I believe they removed it because the financial cost was high relative to the enjoyment the players got out of it. at least i think thats what was stated on the forums.


Tactical combat cannot be implemented, not technically, but since it this is an online game where there will be combat where one of the players are not online then it means its place would have to be taken over by an AI player and an AI player will never, ever be as good as a good human player in tactical combat. This will aggravate the online/offline issue further and hence why I say “it cannot be implemented”. I guess I should say it “should not be implemented”.

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