Release: Game update [v117] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch v117 will be released today at 17:00 UTC. Once the update has started the servers will be offline for around 30-45 minutes. We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online.

Update: this has now been completed, the game servers should be back online.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Patch v117

Features and changes

  • Home planet minimum surface deposits increased: Beron from 6k to 10k, Farsu from 3k to 8k, all others from 3k to 5k

Bugs fixed

  • An exception was triggered in multiple scenarios but most commonly when opening chat (see here for an example)
  • The correct amount of science points weren’t always deducted from the balance when ordering research of a technology
  • Fleet guards were able to travel beyond the newbie protected zone. They still will when pursuing a fleet but will quickly catch the fleet and return. If necessary we can add extra checks to break off their interception if they travel too far away.
  • When editing the alliance info the ‘tag’ field was wrongly flagged as not unique (in reference to your own use of the tag)

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


So mine warfare is still broken… got it.

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My guards are pretty damaged already, i dont know how, but i think they should repair themself at an allied planet, in general, i think repairing at an allied shipyard should be a think.

Update: this has now been completed, the game servers should be back online.

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