Release: Game update [v116] [Complete] + New Galaxy Launch

Hi everyone,

Preparation for the new ‘Awakening of the Dark’ galaxy and v116 patch release will start today at 17:30 UTC.

The servers will go offline at this time and are expected to be back online within two hours - hopefully around 19:00 UTC.

We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online. Once they’re back online, the galaxy ‘Awaken the Dark’ will be ready to join from the game lobby.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Update: this patch has now been released and the game servers are back online. The galaxy ‘Awaken the Dark’ is ready to join from the game lobby.

Full patch notes

Patch v116

Features and changes

  • The new faster ‘Awakening of the Dark’ galaxy:
    • Hyperspeed: 10x faster travel, growth and construction (see wiki)
    • New galaxy generation and player spawning: the ‘Awakening of the Dark’ galaxy is dynamically generated unlike previous galaxies which were generated before any players joined. A cluster of new stars is added for each new player that spawns in with the player’s home system in the middle of this cluster. See wiki for details. Note: no new cluster is generated if a spawn code is used.
    • Newbie protection: lasts for 5 days and includes the newbie protected zone with three NPC guard fleets, home planet protection has been extended to include protection from bombing. Note: these changes don’t affect previous galaxies e.g. Skirmish 2, Main 2 (in these galaxies newbie protection is 28 days home planet protection from invasions only).
    • Technology research reworked: in the ‘Awakening of the Dark’ galaxy a reworked version of technology research was added that will likely be used for all future galaxies. V2 is more player friendly, science points accumulate constantly and any technology can be researched in minutes if you have enough science points for it. V1 will continue to be used in Skirmish 2, Main 2 etc. galaxies.
    • For more details on the differences between the new ‘Awakening of the Dark’ galaxies and previously launched galaxies please see this wiki page
  • Alliances have been added to all galaxies and are ready for you to use now! Alliance membership is managed via the diplomacy window. See the wiki for full details.

Bugs fixed

  • Important notifications for events that happened while a player was offline weren’t received when the player came online e.g. for battles and invasions. This bug has caused a lot of frustration for players so we’re pleased to have finally been able to pin down the cause and get it fixed.
  • The notification for detecting a populated planet was popping up multiple times
  • Battles were sometimes crashing when trying to watch a replay
  • Exploration history wasn’t correctly remembering surface deposit levels for a planet after leaving orbit
  • Invasion result panel was displaying the wrong troop strength (it was a display issue only - the result was correctly calculated). As well as fixing this issue, the formatting of the message has been improved to make it clearer to see the total strength of both sides and the breakdown
  • The promo popup was causing the game to crash for some players

Please note: there are a lot of new features in this patch! But unfortunately we weren’t able to finish in time all of the changes we wanted to make. We’re aware that improving the situation with minefields is a priority for many of you. And we’re doing what we can to get the changes we posted earlier this week finished and pushed out to you quickly.

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


This new galaxy generation is going to fail so bad. Once a group gets a good foothold by taking over anyone starting near them they will be just about invincible. No new player is going to be able to progress fast enough to overcome someone who has been active for a week. And all long range combat will be at free warp and you will have to take fuel and ordnance with because there are no random planets to stop off at and build a resupply base.

We’ll see
We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it

It’s an entirely new concept of game play this one
The best way to fine tune it and balance it is via testing it out and gathering feedback

Because we all know that I theory it’s one thing, and in reality it’s another

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LOTS OF TESTING… Absolutely! :slight_smile:

I hope that Minefields are not the endgame but I am skeptical


Not available: The link below.

I tried verifying integrity and i got the update.

Update: this patch has now been released and the game servers are back online. The galaxy ‘Awaken the Dark’ is ready to join from the game lobby.


Restarting Steam fixed the problem, I was just pointing out that if you have an error message referring to a link below, there should be a link below.

Quick question with the new server. This is to do with Olzine use for boost travel. I would like to know is the Olzine depletion being calculated on distance or time travel. As it seems to be calculating to time travelled and with the decreased time to travel between the Star systems you are in actual fact using less Olzine then you should for distance travelled.

Olzine consumption is relative to the distance travelled. So it should be the same in the new galaxy as previous galaxies.

If you’re playing as Snithereal for the first time it can be surprising how much more fuel efficient their ships are?

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No i think hes right as i have ships with fuel flying decent distances and they should be out of fuel ny now with the distance traveled

I’ll run some tests and see if I can prove something isn’t right. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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It’d help see it better if you include details like what civ/ ships you’re using and what is your build… (like how many fuel slots do you have etc)

Yes you might be right I did think about that after I had posted as I did chnage from playing Syntis who have a very high Olzine usage. The usage is far to different in lack of usage when using Olzine. As if it was being based on distance then the ship’s would still be using the Olzine correctly. But the way it is working at the moment it looks more to time then distance. Scout hull Pilgrim 2 medium + 1 small Fuel tank = 7 LY travel Full fuel Tank = 2800 after usage = 2536 which isn’t much for dist travelled on this calculation this means this scout can travel around 74 LY before having to refuel.

@joe while where on the subject of Olzine for Boost. What is the current situation with combined fleet Olzine Fuel supply. IE : Does every ship need to at least have 1 Olzine fuel Module to be able to use the boost. Or is it simply a combined fleet situation where not all the ships need to have a Olzine fuel Module?

As if it is the latter it doesn’t make sense as how are those other ships without Fuel booster module able to use Boost if they have no Olzine Fuel Module to have the fuel shared out among all the ship’s. Plus the factor are each ship involved in it having the seperate supplies deminished at correct Olzine cost for each individual ship within the fleet.

Before those go to argue the point that the ships without Olzine Fuel module already have some type of fuel tank for the ship inbuilt. If we were to look at it correctly Olzine isn’t actually the Ship’s Fuel supply. Olzine is a boost fuel to allow faster engine output. Therefore if each ship does not have at least 1 Olzine fuel module then the fleet should be refused it’s ability to boost the warp of the engine.

Either you want a technically advanced startegic game that takes everything into consideration. Or your simply wanting it to be easier for you all round by having technicalities fall short of what they actually should be. Which is a disappointing part in a strategic game when something should work in a certain way but has taken a short cut. Just like a cheater using cheat code in games. :smiley: