Release: Game update [v114] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

The game servers have been down for a few hours today. The issue has been resolved and we’re bringing the servers back online now.

As we had some changes ready we’re pushing this patch out at the same time.

The update should be finished in about 30-45 minutes. I’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online.

Update: this patch has now been released and the game servers should be back online.

We’re sorry for the downtime today.


Full patch notes

Patch v114

Features and changes

  • Invasion cutscene and report: after an invasion you can now see the strength of both forces at the moment the invasion result was calculated
  • Minefields: it’s no longer possible to lay minefields on top of each other. However, the stacking ability of minesweepers hasn’t been removed yet.
  • Battles: you will now be rewarded with credits for winning a battle - including against pirates. The credits are added automatically to your balance and are relative to the cost of the ships destroyed (half of their value currently). The notification will tell you how many credits you earned
  • Pirates are a little smarter and will occasionally try to avoid an attack
  • Some notifications have had a voice part added e.g. native population discovered, technology researched, new ship constructed. This can be turned off in the game options.
  • A galaxy closed to new players can still be joined using a spawn code

Bugs fixed

  • Wreckages weren’t being removed after their timer had expired. It won’t happen moving forwards, but we still need to clean up those that are in the game already
  • Auto-transfer resources: when boosted warp was active fleets wouldn’t start the journey if they didn’t have enough fuel for the return leg. The fleet will now start with boosted warp and use free warp if it doesn’t have enough fuel for the next leg. However, we still need to make the change that enables the fleet to refuel at the destination planet. At the moment it will only refill at the source planet.
  • An issue related to wreckages was causing the server to occasionally crash
  • It was possible to start research of a government building before its preceding level

@joe can you clarify this please? Can you still lay mines in open space? On empty systems (not owned), etc? What happens to existing minefields?

(I misread… read below)

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa @joe

Why would you make this update without getting rid of mine sweeping stacking too, this sounds like it literally screws over anyone defending. If you can’t stack mines will drop in just a few hours at best. You either need to clarify here, or don’t add this to the update.

Whatever impacts both offensive and defensive within the same system needs to be added at the same time.


I misread, yes that would be a problem. They aren’t allowing stacking of minefields. @joe yes this is a big problem.


Why on earth would you release half an update to a mechanic @joe??? This needs to be pulled right now before it goes live.

There have been some really bad choice on the part of IDA lately. It is disappointing to see coupled with the failure of IDA to enforce it’s own EULA for cheaters.


honestly @joe adding the no stacking for laying mines without adding it for sweepers also is going to have devastating issues to anyone defending as now the enemy can just sweep like mad with 20 fleets and have your mines down in mins


Minefields: it’s no longer possible to lay minefields on top of each other. However, the stacking ability of minesweepers hasn’t been removed yet.

Wait a minute, you can’t just remove stacked minefields and leave in stacked sweepers. What is the point in even having a minefield then?


@joe oh dear NO! Nerfing the mine laying but not the mine sweeping is totally WRONG. So I now have to wait until a mine has decayed before I can lay a new one - which takes 4 hours minimum. That is just wrong wrong wrong (if I understand things correctly).

Dont continue to cock things up please


Rarely post and with this one have to agree with the crowd Joe. Little less than well thought out perhaps…


Rip anyone trying to defend with mines while offline a few hours. Poor decision putting in half of an update on something so many use.


This change is extremely poorly planned. BOTH changes need to be done as it will completely ruin the entire mechanic. Also the fact you think only half implementing something is better is another major flaw in your game design methodology. Not to mention that you are doing this change right after a major server crash. I have come to realize that the developers do not follow normal best practices or even common sense when making changes to this game. This will need to change or you will completely chase away your player base.


What??? Why would you remove one stacking ability but not another… its bad enough that syntis repair ability allow them to go through a minefield like it wasnt there but now we cant layer them. How unfortunate.


Woot, minefields, pointless.

Just the kind of whitless idiocy I have come to expect from the development team!!!

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We plan on pushing an update later today that will disable stacked sweeping (it’s being finalized at the moment).

Pushing the changes to stacked minefields that were half finished was admittedly far from ideal, but the fix we needed to apply was integrated into the same development build and to unpick that would have taken us longer to bring the servers back online.

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That’s good. One question while you are here, at what % can you replenish the minefield. 0% is unacceptable. You should allow it to be replenished at least at 10% density. Or people will die in their sleep.


Actually this shouldn’t be too bad (for people who like minefields).

Rather than drop 5 minefields on the system, you should instead do a circle around the system with the minefields overlapping the system but not overlapping each other.

I suspect this will still work (minus the one I have in the middle). If you stagger the mines a little bit you should always have coverage on the system itself (which is important since you can hit mines inside systems these days).

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That will probably go away in the not too distant future as well, just not yet.

@joe any chance you could consider allowing us to place minefields ontop of eachother but just have the latest minefield the only 1 that exists instead of forcing us to wait for mines to totally decline before we can redeploy them, resulting in huge windows of our systems open.
Edit: would still remove stacking, but provide some protection still, as it stands now, when a minefield is down to 5-10% it would be extreamly vulnerable, with enemies being able to sweep very quickly and defenders not being able to refresh that timer.

The problem with letting minefields “refresh” is that they would require a new rule: you can’t lay minefields while sweeping is going on.

Otherwise you are sweeping my minefield with your 1 allowed sweeper, and I’m using several minelayers to keep refreshing it so you can never win the sweeping game.

so basicly a reverse of the exisitng situation?