Release: Game update [v113] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch v113 will be released today at 15:15 UTC. Once the update has started the servers will be offline for up to 60 minutes. We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online.

Update : this patch has now been released and the game servers should be back online.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Full patch notes

Patch v113

Features and changes

  • Auto-resource transfer for fleets: fleets can now automatically transfer resources from a colony to either another colony or a jettison pod. Check out the wiki for full details. This is only the first version and we’re keen to improve it, so please share your feedback with us once you’ve had a chance to try it out.
  • Higher tax rates have a higher negative effect on happiness. It’s still possible for organic civs to temporarily tax at a high rate, but it’s more difficult to maintain a high tax rate due to this increased negative happiness effect. You can find out more about this change on the forum.
  • Increased minor civilization’s tax tolerance compared to the major civilizations.
    • The major civs will be more sensitive to higher tax rates and less sensitive to the lowest tax rates - but the minor factions will be less sensitive to taxes overall, which will make them even more valuable than they are now.
  • The base credit income rate from taxation has been boosted by 12% (which means a bit more income without doing anything)
  • Syntis players will now get the happiness bonus from a 100% happy organic second population. It was by design that they didn’t originally, but we’ve changed it following your feedback.
  • Improvements to the UI to clarify the situation with happiness e.g. whether the bonus is being applied or not, that Syntis aren’t affected by happiness
  • Beron costs increased:
  • Syntis Depositor (City Center) growth/economy boost increased: 8% to 9% (lvl1), 12% to 18% (lvl2)
  • Spawn codes:
    • Prevent spawn codes being used in systems with another player. For example, if Player A invites Player B to spawn onto one of their colonies, they will be unable to do so if Player C has a colony in that system (Player A can have another colony in that system but a third player can’t have any). You can find out more about this change on the forum.
    • Prevent spawn codes being used for planets no longer colonized. This prevents a player from spawning back into the game on one of their former colonies.
  • Choose which population to displace when invading a colony with 2 civ populations already (instead of removing the smallest population by default).

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


Some welcome additions and some welcome balance changes in this one.

20 minutes notice on a patch that will set a bunch of planets on fire… not appreciated.

That said, some nice changes and some that will hurt. But, all in the name of balance, I suppose.


Again, good changes… horrible notice.

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They were suppose to do it last week. They waited 5-6 more days, everyone should be prepared.


They were supposed to do it “Tuesday or Wednesday next week”, without specifying which week that was.

It’s Monday.

I just invaded a giant planet an hour ago. If only I had known this was coming, ah well.

Good changes overall, although the increased beron costs should have been left for a new server as anyone who has already built those buildings are at a major advantage


Without having seen the effect ingame, in theory very good changes. The increase in beron cost for the the buildings was much needed but might still not be enough.

Over the past couple of days i boosted my economy and surpassed the previous leader on the economy leaderboard easily. Although its usually not good to be high on the economy leaderboard, i was simply not able to spend all my credits fast enough. So with the new patch my economy might have been increased by 50% on top of my already insane income. Rage incomming. Brace for impact.

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I agree beron changes were needed, just sucks for new players as I have built my AI and depositors already.
Synthis got buffed effectively so now you can go higher still

I agree with you that new players will have to spend more than the older ones had to but those changes were needed and we should not wait for simple balance changes till there is a new server, however my proposed changes were the addition of zyril and lymbalt cost to the depositors which did not come, so its a good middle ground and we can see where this leads.

Talk about a stealth nerf to quantum manipulation cargo transporters. Any plans to adjust the cargo transporters happiness hit to compensate for these changes @joe?

Update : this patch has now been released and the game servers should be back online.

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Hi @joe autofetch from a can seems broken

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You just get a lot of Evo worlds. But regular player will have 1-2 of them. Or even 0 sometimes.
Saying that bunch of Evo planets giving too many credits it’s like… to build 5 000 power factories on a planet and then complain that they give too much energy.

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I give you a lot of shit, Joe. But this is a good one. Hurry now with those Alliance mechanics and fix the chat. And you might just see the game go viral proper

The text should read as follows:

  1. Traveling to source
  2. Transferring from source…
  3. Traveling to destination
  4. Transferring to destination…


IMO @joe

Syntis Central AI Node growth/economy boost increased: 8% to 9% (lvl1), 12% to 18% (lvl2)

@joe this is incorrect

This should say Syntis Depositors, not AI Node

Yeah I didn’t really agree with the idea that Evos should be even more valuable after the patch. They were already a huge boost to the early game (and nothing wrong with them late game, either). The difference between being #1 on the leaderboard or being #100 can easily be the difference between getting 0 Evos or getting several sizable worlds of them. Now it’s even more true, as boosting up your empire population to bridge that native gap is going to take even longer due to the harder taxation curve and more costly cities.

It’s far too big of a boost for something that’s purely luck of the draw.

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Its not luck, just search the galaxy, there are so many of them.

Some boring video about auto-transfer. Looks like it works. Many thanks to developers.