Release: Game update [v111] [Complete] + New Galaxy Launch

Hi everyone,

The new galaxy launch and patch v111 release will be today at 18:00 UTC. Apologies for the delay!

Once the update has started the servers will be offline for up to 60 minutes. We’ll update this thread as soon as the patch is ready and the servers are back online.

Update : this patch has now been released and the game servers should be back online.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Full patch notes

Patch v111

Features and changes

  • Two new galaxies launched: Skirmish 2 and Main 2. Skirmish 1 and Main 1 will also continue.
  • Relaxed the game type slot restrictions for Skirmish and Main: you can play in any two galaxies at the same time instead of the previous limit of one Skirmish and one Main galaxy. For example, if you are still active in Main 1, you can keep that game going and start a new game in Main 2, without having to first reset in Main 1.
  • Improvements to Galaxy Overview: more easily manage your colonies from a new ‘My Empire’ tab e.g. adjust the tax rate, view the construction queues
  • New Government Building: in each new game the home planet will start with one special new government building. See the wiki for full details.
    • The new government building strongly boosts early game income. But mid/late game players have too many credits. So income from other colonies has also been decreased by about 35%.
    • City center costs and performance have been increased and home planets no longer start with multiple T3 city centers. Beron, credits and personnel costs have doubled. But so have the percentage increase boosts they give to the economy and population growth. See the wiki for the new stats.
    • We will likely make further balancing changes that affect income as we collect data and feedback from the new galaxies.
  • Max Population Balancing: planets with a single civ population now get a x1.4 max population bonus to better balance the differences between single and dual population planets. For example, if a planet has space for 500k colonists, it can either support a single population of 700k (500k x 1.4) or a double population totalling 1m (500k x 2). Click here for more details.
  • New Syntis tech to increase the max number of fleets they can control from 72 to 92. This is to better balance the total number of fleets the Syntis can reach vs the total fleets organic civs can reach.
  • Minefield laying and sweeping costs increased: it costs 3 times as much limbalt to lay a minefield and 2 times as much olzine to activate a minesweeper.
    • How minefields deal damage has also been changed. We’ll post more details tomorrow to the forum.
  • Minimum starting distance between players in Main 2 increased from 19LY to 25LY. We’ve had requests to increase this even further, but the previous distances were based on prior player feedback, so we’re weary about increasing it much further in a single change.
  • Warp 9 (scout engines only) has increased from 16 LY to 22 LY/hr. We’ll post more details about this tomorrow to the forum along with more details on minefield changes.
  • Small research cost changes for some technologies related to defense and Syntis specific
  • Added 6 small general slots to Mankind Hermes hull to increase the total from 4 to 10
  • Apart from the changes to galaxy overview and minefields - the above changes will be applied to the new galaxies only

Bugs fixed

  • We’ve not been able to reproduce the exploration history bug in our test environment. But we did find and fix something that has likely been causing it. However, there is still the chance that there is more than one issue causing exploration history to reset, so please let us know if after updating to this patch it happens to you.

Nice patch, but

makes me sad. This makes the game too slow

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what does that mean, it starts and we can join at 1800 utc or patch is release and we can join 60 mins after or?

people contently complain warp9 speed is to fast… in response they make it faster…

Seeing as mines probably arnt getting fix any time soon, hopefully tomorrows update says ships now stop moving when they hit a mine field


vroom vroom baby. Guess its ripchee saber time again

Disagree on this change. Warp 9 is too fast. Warp 1 is too slow. Both sides should really be brought in. I assume the change has something to do with the minefield change but the faster ships move, the more benefit a full time player gains vs a part time player.


Woah, I’m a total Saber addict… but 22 LY/hr? Without more context, that sounds like a Ripchee buff that we don’t need. Sabers are already one of the best ships in the game as is…

I really hope that Corvettes no longer have access to the “SCOUT” Engines.

If this is the case, then warp 9 that fast is totally fine, if not, you have made Ripchee even more powerful to the point of complete OP (They can land invasion forces from 200 LY away in 9 hours, that really isn’t something that is fair at all). So whatever is explain tomorrow, I hope that its not giving Sabers even more versatility and speed.

I think we should probably start at least 30LY away.

Again, I do believe that the base time should be improved as such -

1 = .75 (from .48)
2 = 1.5 (from .98)
3 = 3 (from 2.75)
4 = 5
5 = 7
6 = 9 (A new engine that is 3/6, that is more efficient than the 3/5 engine)
7 = 11
8 = 13 (Corvette based engine that requires a lot of fuel)
9 = 15 (Limited to scout hulls only)

Other than that, I like a lot of the changes.

The Government building is basically the idea I had for Capitals, which was cool.

The x3 boost to early credits is good, but reducing all credits down by 35% as the base. I think that and the costs to Population centers will require more than double the time before it snow balls later.

I don’t see a mention of a change here, unless I missed it.

Update: the release is taking longer than expected. As things stand it will not be ready before 19:30-20:00 UTC (in about an hour’s time). We’re very sorry for this delay!

We plan to address corvette balance in the next patch - that will follow quite quickly. I’ll post more details tomorrow along with the other details.

Another one regarding balance, is there any plan for a planetery minefield / cloak detection?
Seems to make little sense that a module on a ship is able to scan, but you can´t do the same on a planet.
(flying 8 hours between your owne planets, and seeing nothing in space - logging in to see your fleet dead to a minefield placed while you were offline, feels very bad)

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I agree with Baaklund… a planetary cloak detector would be nice. Or at least change cloak detection from just within sensor range to also within full scanner range. Where fleet detail information remain the same as it would be as if the fleet wasnt cloaked.

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That would simply eliminate the cloaking game. Planets having a full time, short-range cloak detector wouldn’t ruin cloaking, though it might relegate it to more distant piracy and defensive use, but letting cloak detect work in full scanner range would probably mean there is no point in ever making a cloaking device.

That would be an interesting change.

Although it might also be interesting to let them use scout engines but only if they carry a special “engine booster” module, which takes up the same slot as cloak/sweep. So you can still have warp 9 corvettes if you want but they won’t be able to cloak. (e.g., Syntis would still love to have warp 9 mine layers even if they can’t cloak. Today they can go warp 9 AND cloak which is kinda o.p.)

True - short range cloak detection would be fine - if minelaying module made you unable to use cloak?

As I have suggested many times lose the mine detector and make mines visible to tier two scanners and up for ships and planetary. The whole surprise you ran into a minefield has always been a poor mechanic.

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Update : this patch has now been released and the game servers should be back online.


Apologies again for the delay today with the galaxy launch.


Rather a working launch, then a rushed one :slight_smile:

High perormance drop. After the update game start to ask 3 to 4 times more RAM. In my case it leads to also fps drops lower than 1.