Release: Game update [v102] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch v102 will be released today at 10:00 UTC. Once the update had started the servers will be offline for around 30-45 minutes.

Update : this patch has now been released and the game servers should be back online.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Full patch notes

Patch v102

Features and changes

  • A new playable civilization - The Snithereal - has been added
  • Added ‘Boosted range’ field to ship designer and other stat displays. It shows the maximum distance the ship/fleet can travel using boosted warp speed on full fuel tanks e.g. Boosted range: 150LY (14t/LY), 150LY total, using 14t of Olzine per LY
  • Switched to a new code library that should better manage the connections between the game client and game servers (some players were getting lost connection issues)

Bugs squashed

  • A player quitting a game while an invasion was in progress caused the invading troops, and planet population and buildings to be deleted. We’ve changed it so if a player quits during the invasion, the invasion will automatically succeed and all the troops, population and buildings will remain (we’re open to refining this e.g. applying the same damage rules as a normal invasion, where some damage may be done depending on the size and strength of both forces involved).
  • When a player quit a game the populations were removed from all of their colonies when they were supposed to remain (they now do). The buildings are still removed, but the effect is now like they were dismantled and the relative resources are deposited on the planet’s surface. The topic of what to do about a player’s colonies when they quit is ongoing, and you can find the discussion here.
  • When launching an invasion the menu was sometimes displaying the wrong physical power
  • The background image on planet management for cold planets wasn’t always displaying
  • Transferring resources from battle wreckage was sometimes causing a crash
  • The happiness bonus displayed on the civ selection screen when joining the game was displaying the wrong value (on the population screen it was displayed correctly)

Updating the game client: the game should be automatically updated via Steam. Please check here if the download doesn’t automatically start when you launch Steam.


Ooooh! Early! Did we get close enough to the Community Goals then Joe?

Good changes to invasions, and glad to see you’re open to further tweaking if needed (Probably!) One thing Immediately I see. You say the res value of the buildings will be restored to the Planet that’s good - what about the credit value? I know it snot much BUT consider if you as a player want to tear down a race specific building that you cannot upgrade at the least you get half its credit cost back to offset your build expenses.

Merely giving the Res back does not help with this and thus the Planet is STILL of less value than it woulda been had the player not pulled the plug?

EDIT: Hmm nice extra info on the Snakes! In my proto backstory effort I had assumed something like this but having the in game mechanic now visible really helps shape them in my mind.

So, looking at bloodlust, are double pops fixed then? i.e. does it no longer double your effective yield from a planet, otherwise, this bloodlust thing might be a little underwhelming.

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Provided the screenshot in the wiki is true, seems powerful enough. You get your usual double pop both as the usual benefits… and as a boost when needed. 5x+ military power when using bloodlust? You have your miniature mountain giant homeguards when you’re getting invaded, at the cost of some of your secondary pop being eaten…

Update: this patch has now been released and the game servers should be back online.

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dont worry Jin, next is the mongoose race, apparently they like to eat snakes lol

@joe boasted distance is a great help, saves finding a calculator, one minor point with it. which isnt an issue more of a little bit of polishing, that when you sometimes have the calcs the game makes, which is in white i think, it sometimes over rights slightly the words boosted range. In the next patch change to to boost range, the loss of the letters ED should sort it. but great little change, thx

Great work team.

Just wish there were more slots, so I could try some of the other races.

At this point, don’t wish to reset.

Or play for a week, just to build up the basics of an empire.


Nice, didn’t seem like we were getting a content update last week.

OMG Snakies are a blast so far!

First meal of Evo’s still have them in a positive growth rate (just) and my little snakie buggers are growing at +1000/hour!

Totally changes colonisation strategy. I may have found a new favourite race. (Gawd knows what this says about my state of mind… or those that thought of it!)

And there I was worried about introducing total war or slavery as concepts into the game…

Bon Appetite fellow carnivores!

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As a Syntis player, crushing the mortals around me.

I feel like a snack! :skull_and_crossbones:

You know those pesky secondary Populations my Metalloid friend?

Call the exterminators in with Rent a Snake.

Whole planets de populated in one exceedingly grusome evening…

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Remember the movie, Snakes on a Plane?

Now the latest Blockbuster: Snakes on a Planet.


We discussed it, but didn’t do it because there isn’t a way to store credits on a planet and we didn’t have spare time.

Thanks, I’ll get it changed to prevent the text overlapping.

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We still need to update the leaderboards to show the Snithereal icon for those players. At the moment it’s defaulting to People’s Realm.

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Alright that’s understandable. However can I ask if the Res returned is equal to the total res spent to take certain buildings from T1…T2…T3 etc If not then without a credit rebate your really not giving good value here still. Sorry.

My good man… the player quit. They aren’t getting their money back. And Joe already said there’s no current mechanic to give the invader the money.

Take the win.

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Mea Culpa!

Yes its a step in the right direction, maybe if they get time a tad more but Yes I shall shut up carping now before I get a Pokeball thrown at me…

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Go play with your snakes on a plane.

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Already having connectivity issue since patch, albeit different to disconnect issue which was addressed.

The game hangs, i can change and manipulate tax etc, but none of the actions take affect and if i go back to galaxy map the change reverts. Ships are also not moving, and although i can zoom into planets and look around the map whilst remaining connected, nothing moves.

I checked my connection, and everything else is accessible so it feels like an issue with uploading data to the server.