Release: Game update [v.0.971] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch 0.971 is going to be released shortly at (13:30 UTC). I’ll post the patch notes below in a couple of minutes (a few bug fixes).

Once the update begins the game servers will be offline for up to one hour.

Update: this has now been completed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Full patch notes

Patch 0.971

Bugs squashed

  • Interceptions were failing (in yesterday’s patch we fixed one bug with interceptions but introduced another which this patch fixes)
  • The wrong player civilization icon was displayed for received treaty proposals (treaties already proposed will still use the wrong icon - recreating the treaty would update it to the correct icon)
  • The ODS recharge time could be bypassed to trigger it to fire more frequently than intended (by ordering it to be dismantled and then cancelling the dismantle)
  • ODS were sometimes firing at the fleet of a player they shouldn’t have been because of a treaty
  • A planet’s suitability for the player’s civilization was sometimes displayed incorrectly (e.g. it was showing as too cold when it should have been ok, or it didn’t clarify that there wasn’t sufficient land/water mass)

Features and changes

  • City center beron and credit costs have been increased (the pricing is now similar to labs). The cost increase is intended to keep them relatively affordable, but reduce the feasible amount that could be constructed.
    • Beron cost increased to 5k for all levels (from 2k, 3k, 5k). Credit cost increased to 1k, 5k, 25 k (from 500, 2.5k, 12.5k)

Update: this has now been completed.