Release: Game update [v.0.97] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch 0.97 is going to be released tomorrow morning - Tuesday September 10th - at 09:00 UTC. It will contain treaties along with a few other changes and bug fixes.

Once the update begins the game servers will be offline for up to one hour. We’ll keep you updated.

I’ll post the full release notes tomorrow morning, see you then :slight_smile:

Update: this patch has now been released:



nice, just popped up :slight_smile:

Cheers for the heads up Joe, looking forward to it.

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

This update is underway now, here are the patch notes:

Full patch notes

Patch 0.97

Features and changes

  • New diplomacy page added from the main menu where players can manage their treaties (players can form non-aggression pacts with each other - see wiki for details).
  • Mankind have a new option added to the ship construction page that allows them to opt to launch more expensive ‘preconstructed’ ships instead of constructing a ship from scratch
  • Mankind’s Tribal and Trafalgar have been modified:
    • Tribal: size increased to 200m (from 135m), HP increased to 600 (from 470), Farsu cost increased to 6,000 (from 4,700), construction time increased to 240min (from 188min)
    • Trafalgar: size increased to 300m (from 200m), HP increased to 800 (from 600), Farsu cost increased to 7,600 (from 6,000), construction time increased to 320min (from 240min)
    • All Tribals and Trafalgars already constructed will need to be repaired to get the HP boost e.g. Trafalgars that were 600/600 HP will now have 600/800 HP
  • Fuel consumption for all engines has been decreased by 20%
  • Invasion durations have been increased to between 9.6 hours and 48 hours (the previous durations were between 1.8 and 36 hours)
  • The boost from depositors (city centers) for Syntis has been increased from 3%, 6%, 9% to 4%, 8%, 12% (There has been some confusion around city centers recently. With the launch of the new galaxy city centers were modified to also boost income as well as the population growth rate. We originally said they had been repurposed, which was confusing as they never stopped boosting the population growth rate, they only gained the ability to boost income - see the wiki).

Bugs squashed

  • It was possible to quickly mine more resources from an asteroid field than the asteroid field contained
  • Planet temperature wasn’t showing on the galaxy overview page
  • Interceptions were failing when one fleet should have been able to catch the other (if the fleets were travelling at different speeds)
  • Players saw themselves listed in the private messages tab (this won’t happen in the future but you will continue to see yourself listed in the current game if you already do)
  • Hitting the enter key in chat was sometimes affecting the map
  • The “@” symbol caused errors when used in a fleet’s name (it’s now automatically stripped out)

Woot woot! Mankind got a little bit of Love!

Looks good Joe looking forward to explore these changes. Thank you!


Last week you said you’d be locking this current galaxy from new players
My question is if the current players either decide to reset for some reason or get killed
Will they be able to rejoin the galaxy?

The game servers are back online and the patch is available:

Unfortunately not at the moment:

The Pre-Beta galaxy is once again full. Unfortunately, this time we’re not able to expand it like we did before (the current system isn’t capable of expanding the galaxy beyond the size achieved with the previous expansion). As well as new players being unable to join it, it means that if a player resets themselves or gets game over – they won’t be able to immediately rejoin the galaxy.

We’re going to need to launch a new galaxy soon so that players that want to rejoin the game are able to do so. Based on player feedback, the next galaxy will be much larger! When we do launch another galaxy, it will likely run in parallel to the current Pre-Beta galaxy. For now, try not to get wiped out :wink:

(the above is from the patch notes)

@joe Interception seems bugged after this patch. Giving an interception order gives the correct pathing and the fleet starts intercepting but after a while the order is cancelled. This is infinitely reproducible. I have tried timing it and it happens in between 30 seconds up to 70 seconds after the order is given. The targets used for testing has been two pirate fleets. So unfortunately we are unable to intercept right now if this is a general thing. It might not be general though because a third pirate fleet i give the same order against does not auto cancel.

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Thanks for letting us know. It’s been fixed, and tomorrow morning we will push another patch that will fix this and a couple of other bugs.


I have a small correction to these notes - after looking at my new fuel efficiencies against pre-patch screenshots, all fuel consumptions have been reduced by 25%, not 20%.