Release: Game update [v.0.966] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Patch 0.966 is about to be released (13:30 UTC). There shouldn’t be any downtime for this update (Steam will just need to update your game client). We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.

Update: this has now been completed.


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Full patch notes

Patch 0.966

Bugs squashed

  • Income from a colony was displayed wrong in the game client on colony’s with 100% happiness and city centers (see here for details - it was a display bug only and the correct income was being calculated on the server)
  • It was possible to trigger an error by entering too many characters for the blueprint name (blueprint names and fleet names are both limited to 20 characters now, we considered increasing it but it looked better to keep this max length)
  • Some of the descriptions for reinforced armor weren’t displayed
  • Joining the galaxy sometimes triggered a crash
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There is no “link” on your “see here for details”…

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Update: this has now been completed.


Interesting. I’ve been online the whole time this was pushed out so no changes to clients then huh? Smooth!

Or will I need to restart my client to see any changes @joe??

You’ll need to restart Steam to get the update (I don’t think it’ll force you to restart).