Release: Game update [v.0.96] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Alpha Patch 0.96 is about to be released (16:30 UTC). Once the update begins the servers should be offline for up to 60 minutes. We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.


Update: This has now been completed.

Full patch notes

Alpha 0.96

Features and changes

  • New player tutorial system has been integrated
  • A planet’s status is now clear (below the planet’s name a label states whether it’s colonized or not, if the player needs to enter orbit to see)
  • Client and server performance improvements

Bugs squashed

  • Interceptions within a system were failing (the intercepting fleet would stop when it arrived at the position of the moving fleet and not pursue it)
  • Structures that weren’t supposed to be affected by certain actions e.g. rioting, bombing, were being affected/destroyed
  • Clicks in the ship designer weren’t always registering, especially when FPS was low
  • Galaxy overview triggered an exception when filtering fleets
  • Auto colony development was building Syntis medicinal happiness centers when there was no organic second population
  • Auto colony development wasn’t calculating employment status correctly so was ordering construction during a labour shortage
  • Battle results showed the player as having won the battle before the result had been calculated
  • Editing a fleet’s name would reset while typing in the box
  • Resource info was displayed inconsistently across planet management tooltips

Update: This has now been completed.

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Hmm you found time to update the bootstrapper eh…!

Thanks for the hint of a new race in there!


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That Cobra look mean !

But will it be a major faction (playable) or a minor faction? Or has the real civ been disguised in a snake costume?

Well given how useless they are if you made Humans a Minor CIv then I’d guess they could be a New major one to replace the utterly under-powered Humies…


Gonna say Major race just to be difficult Joe… surprise me!