Release: Game update [v.0.95] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Alpha Patch 0.95 is about to be released 15:00 UTC . Once the update begins the servers should be offline for up to 60 minutes. We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.


Update: this patch has now been released and the servers should be back online.

Very bad timing, we’re right in the middle of a major battle lol.

Full patch notes

Alpha 0.95

Features and changes

  • Troops reworked:
    • Now a single resource used to defend and attack planets
    • Trained and maintained by military bases (not transferring colonists onto assault troop carriers)
    • See release post for details (on the way)
  • Invasions:
    • The result is calculated at the end of the invasion
    • The planet owner can transfer more troops to the planet to bolster its defense and affect the outcome (at the moment an attacker can’t reenforce their original invasion fleet)
    • Invasions will now cause troops to be lost on both sides (planet owner and invader) and one or more colony structures could be destroyed (it’s relative to the size and balance between both sides – and we still have some tweaks to make to the formula)
  • The maximum number of colonists that can be transferred onto a colony is now double the current max population (to simplify colony management and to give the defending player the opportunity to transfer a temporary defensive boost of troops)
    • Any population over the max population will decline as usual
  • Ship designer: added a new slots tab which displays all parts that have been added (they can also be removed using this panel)
  • Automated colony development: the first activity begins almost instantly after it’s turned on (to reduce confusion around whether it’s working or not)
  • Private messages: online status of players is no longer displayed
  • New player spawning: improved the algorithm to ensure a second planet ideal for colonization was definitely created in the player’s home system

Bugs squashed

  • A planet’s population status was not remembered after leaving orbit
  • Fleet tooltip was showing max cargo space instead of the free space
  • Player names weren’t always displayed on the player list on the private messages panel (we didn’t manage to reproduce this but believe the cause was identified and fixed, so please let us know if it wasn’t)
  • Auto Research didn’t resume if there was one item in the queue and it was cancelled (if another item was then manually queued, auto research still didn’t resume after)
  • In certain situations it looked like it was possible to transfer between fleets/planets not related to the player (this affected the UI only, if the transfer was ordered it was then rejected by the server)

I have an invasion force heading to one of my systems/planet. How will this change affect the fleet enroute, will it still be a viable assault fleet? Not particularly worried about this fleet if my military stays with the numbers currently there, will that still be the case after the patch? I need to know that ASAP.

What are you referring to as “damage”, is this related to orbital attack fleets doing damage? I don’t understand the last point on invasions at all. Also need this clarified ASAP. Currently invasion fleets are only troops, do the troops do damage now?

Steam won’t do the upgrade for me. At first it just took me right in, said my version was incorrect. So I logged out of steam and back in. Says it’s updating, but nothing is happening.

Nvm, now it’s updating…Ignore this

Any troops on fleets before the update will remain troops and are able to invade a planet or be transferred to a planet to defend it. If you have any troops on a fleet, you could transfer them to a planet in the middle of an invasion and they will affect the outcome.

We’re looking into current troops stationed on a planet at the moment, we’ve noticed an inconsistency regarding the number of already trained troops on some planets. We didn’t originally plan to implement the changes to troops in this galaxy, but decided it would be better to test it now to catch such issues early. The servers are back up now so you should be able to login and check the situation on your planet.

Invasions will now kill troops on either side and destroy structures (the degree is determined by the sizes of the forces involved and the balance between them).

This is REALLY bad for me, says I only have 4k out of the 163k troops I had before this patch. I little warning would have been good. I’m not a happy camper.

Update: we’re taking the servers back offline for up to an hour while we fix an issue related to this patch. Part of the migration didn’t go as expected and military bases were only partially filled. e.g. if you had 10,000 troops before the patch you might have had 2,000. After this fix, you will have 10,000 again.


Servers are back online. All military bases should be filled with troops again :slight_smile:


It’s back to normal, thanks for the prompt attention this.

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Had a look good changes, well done.

Still not enough game here that I am willing to play however. I still feel that we have less to actually do despite these very worthy changes than we did when I started a year ago.

Whens he alliance stuff gonna be ready for its first airing please?

@joe Outstanding work… looking forward to having a gander at it…

I’m definately seeing some polish now… its taken time but we are seeing the positive effects of not rushing the product out. hats off to our two devs and the rest of the team.

Also looking forward to seeing the mockup for the alliance work, i’'m sure you have some laying around.

And finally a 2019H2 roadmap would be nice too…

Seems to work now.


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Another question on the “destroy structures” portion. We have tech that basically increases the strength of our troops. Is this taken into account with regards to it’s effect on structure destruction the same as it is with the invasion success?

The current tech to boost troop strength applies to defense only (we’ll make this clearer in the game). Structure destruction is indirectly affected by it, because it boosts the strength of the defending troops, and the amount of structures destroyed is relative to the sizes and balance between the 2 forces. It’s likely we’ll add other techs that can have an effect.

With this update, when I load assault troops from a colony that is at a labor shortage just below it’s max, my colony goes over max and shuts down operations like mining and probably shipyard production, etc… Would have been a shame if I tried this on a colony where I was 2.5 days into a dread build…heh.

This is going to make it very difficult and time consuming to accumulate large assault fleets.

I think it would be better if you could make it so moving troops off of a colony does not affect labor shortage but only the defensive capability of the colony until the troops have re-populated. Not sure if this is possible with the way population works right now.

So troops are “a single resource” but still contribute / take away from the labor pool? Ugh.

When you remove troops to assault ships, they need to be replenished from the regular population, (ie., trained). It’s possible you removed too many in total from your planet throwing you into a labor shortage. I didn’t have any issues when I removed some of mine, but my existing labor shortage wouldn’t have gone above the allowable percentage when I took them off the planet. The same thing would likely happen if you just moved them to a personnel carrier in the same quantity. I can’t confirm this without more details about the planet, the population and the shortage prior to removing them.

If you remove them they do. They did before as well. The only real difference is you can’t transfer regular population to assault carriers, they must be from your military.