Release: Game update [v.0.94] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Alpha Patch 0.94 is about to be released 13:00 UTC . Once the update begins the servers should be offline for up to 60 minutes. We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.


Update: This has now been completed.


Full patch notes

Alpha 0.94

Features and changes

  • Private messaging added
    • New private messaging tab added to the chat window
    • Players can send messages to other players visible to their scanners (including the player colony scanner)
    • The unread messages count and alert on the chat icon relates to private messages only
  • Holding the space bar hides labels
    • Holding the space bar on the keyboard hides all labels (stops planet labels getting in the way of selecting a fleet - before you had to pan the camera and zoom to get the label out of the way)
  • ‘Streamer mode’ and ‘hide all labels’ options added to settings
    • Share gameplay videos and screenshots without giving away intel on an ongoing game (see wiki for details)
  • New fleet tooltip added
    • It summarises most of the key details about a fleet you could previously only get by zooming into fleet management first
    • Can be opened by hovering a fleet’s name on a context menu, or selecting a fleet and hovering its label
  • Planet population now only visible from orbit (see wiki for details)
  • New ‘Medicinal happiness center’ building for Syntis added
    • Constructing them will increase the happiness of biological civs sharing the colony with the Syntis (the Syntis themselves aren’t affected by them, see wiki for details)
  • Orbit defense systems reworked:
    • Less damage per shot but shots are fired more frequently
    • Multiple ODS fire sequentially but only if necessary (if the first ODS destroys the target the others won’t fire until there’s a new target)
    • Decreased the beron cost and construction times to make them more affordable
  • Mine warfare
    • Minesweeping: increased the time it takes to sweep a minefield
      • Level 1 from 20% to 13% per hour (from 5 hours to almost 8 hours)
      • Level 2 from 100% to 25% per hour (from 1 hour to 4 hours)
    • Minelaying: increased the time it takes to lay a minefield
      • Level 1: 8 hours
      • Level 2 and 3: 4 hours
      • The time it takes to lay a minefield had to be increased, otherwise a minesweeper would have no chance of keeping up with a minelayer
  • Research screen
    • Each branch now has a label to clarify what it’s related to e.g. engines, weapons, etc.
    • The technology panels show key attributes for each part that will be unlocked e.g. costs, DPS for weapons, speeds for engines etc.
  • Planet management
    • Employment status added to the main screen (shows whether there is unemployment or a labour shortage and to what degree)
    • Environmental status condensed and font color indicates suitability to the player’s civ
    • Tooltips added to all selectable items on the left side e.g. planets, fleets, wreckages, jettison pods
    • ‘Constructed structures’ button changed to ‘Infrastructure [number of buildings]’
    • Moved ‘stand down ground defenses’ control to a button next to the planet name
    • Planet log button now available on all planet management screens
    • Construction queue buttons updated
    • Planet and resource tooltips: made the display of resources format consistent with other areas of the game
    • Clearer keywords related to mineral resource status e.g. none, not mining, deep mining
    • Clearer info through hints and labels when the fleet limit has been reached
    • New notifications to clarify if ordering construction of a ship isn’t possible because the fleet limit has been reached or the construction queue is full
    • Population status is shown as ‘unknown’ instead of ‘no population’ if it’s not possible to know (a fleet has to enter orbit to know)
    • Population screen has been reworked: the layout has been changed and font coloring added to indicate if something needs the player’s attention
    • Income for credits uses font color and improved hint to show any bonus or penalty to income e.g. bonus for 100% happiness
    • The rate at which happiness can grow has been limited to +1% an hour (the rate at which it can fall was already limited to -1% an hour)
    • Added a warning dialog if transferring population off a colony will abandon the colony
    • Colony auto construction panel: improved the hint and display of non-existent resources
    • Constructed buildings: a label is displayed if a building has an upgrade available (you could only see this before by first clicking the building and seeing the ‘upgrade’ button appear)
    • Unresearched structures are now also displayed (greyed out and listed after those that have been researched - to allow the player to see they exist and what they do)
    • When a planet is abandoned more resources are reimbursed to the planet’s surface relative to the previously constructed structures
  • Ship designer
    • More hull ability icons have been added e.g. troop compatibility, colonization module, carrier module (as well as in the ship design process, they are shown in other parts of the game too e.g. the new fleet tooltip)
    • Unresearched hulls are now also displayed (greyed out and listed after those that have been researched)
    • Slot counts on ship designer hull selection no longer include engines and scanners
    • Parts in the ship designer are better grouped/ordered: engines, scanners, general, weapons.
    • Added descriptions to pages related to ship construction/design
  • Other
    • The corruption tooltip from the main menu is easier to understand (images were also added to each of the tooltips on the top left main menu items)
    • A ‘help’ button has been added to the top right corner of most screens (at the moment it opens a related wiki page which when finished will serve as a help page for that screen)
    • The circle that indicates sensor range on the map for scanners is easier to see
    • Star system tooltips show land instead of sea mass (consistent with other areas in the game)
    • The ‘start asteroid mining’ button is now disabled if the fleet’s cargo is full (before it wasn’t clear why nothing happened when you clicked the button)
    • Fleet trajectory lines have been improved to make it easier to select a particular fleet (a fleet selection menu appears)
    • Game over screen: if a player gets game over they can find out what/who happened (see a last history log, access notifications and use private messages)

Bugs fixed

  • The ETA for a selected fleet within a system was displayed as 00:00 rather than the actual time it would take
  • Warning dialog wasn’t always shown when upgrading a power station would lead to a power outage
  • When a cloaked fleet was hit by a minefield the player’s name was revealed in the notification when it shouldn’t have been as the fleet was cloaked
  • Sometimes a message would stick to the bottom of the chat history
  • It was possible to see wreckage and asteroid fields inside a star system without having a scanner in that system
  • A fleet wasn’t able to launch an orbital strike unless the flagship itself was equipped with an orbital strike module (an orbital strike can now be launched as long as at least one ship in the fleet has been equipped)
  • There were small lags when using the ship designer and placing a part on the hull
  • The energy consumption displayed wasn’t correct when certain parts were involved
  • A crash related to orbit defence systems and losing a colony was fixed
  • Notifications related to orbit defense systems didn’t always correctly display info

Nice list of updates.

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Update: This has now been completed.


The patch is not loading when I access the game via steam. nvm, I had to relaunch Steam, I don’t normally have to do that.

In the Release notes it says " * In this version a player is deemed ‘online’ if they took an action within
the last hour. In a future version the online status will be much more accurate."

I don’t want other players to know I’m online EVER, especially enemies, even if I’m in range. If they see me and want to send me a message that’s one thing, I can choose not to answer. But I don’t want people to know I’m online unless I choose to.


Good point, I think there’ll need to be an option in settings to show/hide online status.


"To see whether a planet is populated or not, you’ll now have to enter its orbit first (previously it was visible in scanner range). Planet visibility now works like this:

  • Scanner range: the planet and its environment (previously population(s) could be seen)
  • Sensor range: no extra details (no change)
  • In orbit: resources and population (the ‘last known’ status is visible after leaving orbit)"

I don’t like this change at all. Knowing there was a significant population in the past deterred me from erroneously entering an active player’s system by mistake, and if I get into orbit before I know it’s occupied, I risk losing my fleet to orbitals or the player’s fleet. This will not encourage exploration, it will discourage it. If I did enter I would “tip toe” to that planet to check if it was active or not, now I’ll have to “tip toe” on every possibly occupied planet, which could be most.

This change makes the game unplayable in the future. Since I “know” the area around me now in A3, it’s not so bad, but in the next galaxy this will be a significant problem.

  • The private messaging tab is only available while in a galaxy (it’s not available when opening the chat window from the lobby).
  • Private messaging works on a per-galaxy basis. Even if you’re playing multiple galaxies at the same time, the chat window will only ever have one private messaging tab, which will be for the galaxy opened.

Is there a notifacation in the lobby that i have a message? If not, please add one!

With all the changes to the orbital bombing/defense, how does the targeting function? If I have 4 fleets in orbit, is the target chosen randomly and do the orbital defenses in anyway prioritize higher HP fleets?

Morri, I deleted my response to your post but clearly forgot to switch it to a general reply.

Players were using the online status for the discord chat as a means to determine if someone was online.

You definitely need to add the option to hide online status.


"To see whether a planet is populated or not, you’ll now have to enter its orbit first (previously it was visible in scanner range).

I can’t even see the population on a planet I previously visited. I know it’s occupied, I can see all the resources, but I can’t see what’s occupying it any longer. I don’t want to have to revisit a planet multiple times or write it down to remember how many are there.


The new chat seems bugged or am I overlooking something? No player names listed.

chat%20blank detectedin%20scanner

All good and worthy changes. Just not ones that will tempt me to play again (yet) as they are inconsequential compared o the games faults from my point of view.

I find it disturbing the lack of feed back on the state of Alliance features, but will continue to hope that now this raft of tweaks is done that will be returned to in earnest!


I’m in a similar spot. These features are much needed, and definitely a move in the right direction. However, I don’t see a huge benefit at this point.

If we had a reset, and I could use things like they syntis happy maker from the start, there’d be more value. I’d killed off the squishies that were on planets I wanted.

At this point I think I’m either waiting for Alpha 4, or for enough new features to make me want to scrap my current game and start over.

That, and I’ll throw in the shameless plug for more playable content. Actual trading, events, daily missions, something to give me that dopamine kick.

As for the alliance features, it sounds like they’re building the foundations of it. I’d imagine the in-game messaging is going to be a part of it. The planet and fleet trading would be another part. Marking friendlies and hostiles would be another. So far the devs seem tight-lipped about things not expected to be in the next patch or two, so I’d imagine they’re trying to keep this quiet until they’re ready to actually announce it.

I like a lot of the features here, this was in all honesty a good update, however still looking for a bit more before I fully come back, or get the guys interested again.

The issues I see from this update are:

  • People seeing if/when I last played.
  • The Exploring of planets, in general I would at least like to know if there is a civilization there, I don’t need to know its details. We would at least notice signals coming from them. After we go there, I would also like some kind of “information from last update” tool tip, with the last time since I checked.
  • Mine Warfare looks like it could be a bit more balanced, however a major issue was that you could use multiple mine sweepers to sweep even faster, if that has not be addressed then mine warfare is still not a fully viable option, and you have actually made it harder on the defender.

Other than that, I liked all the changes.

But to parrot some of those above, I am looking for some more meat and potatoes.

  1. Alliance Features
  2. Wormholes
  3. Interesting PvE content
  4. A bit more bite to getting started content wise
  5. POIs (Places of Interest)

Someone mentioned player profiles could be a foundation for other mechanics. Having 1 on 1 chats could have been a piece (a separate chat from the main chat and easier to code) of alliance chat for example.

Expanded player profiles and updated player data tables could be some requirements to implement alliances. Aggreeably, it’s taking a while but I am more concerned with a polished end result than rushed flaws.

I feel minelaying is redundant if multiple sweepers can stack. 4 hours to lay is an eternity if 10 sweeper fleets can remove it in 30 mins or less

Is it possible to counter this with multiple layers?

I’m split on that one. 10 sweeper fleets is a lot of fleets to get tied up in mine removal. Yea I want to be protected to some degree while I sleep… Idk… Mixed feelings.

All they had to do was write this if you are correct. They didn’t.

They know little about how the community in general feels it would seem after all this time. That in itself undermines my confidence in the game.

Hopefully @joe or sombody will give us some longer range info than details on an update that leaves (apparently not just me) some mixed feelings

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