Release: Game update [v.0.936] [Complete]


The server will go offline shortly (April 24 at around 13:00 UTC ) while we perform server maintenance.

It should take around 4 hours to complete.

We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed,


Update: This has now been completed



Bugs fixed

  • After yesterday’s patch the icon for the second population (if there was one) wasn’t always displayed.
  • The population was increasing when it should have been decreasing. The client was correctly displaying the population as decreasing, however, the server was calculating the population as increasing. So when the client synched with the server again the population would suddenly jump up although the growth rate displayed had been negative.
  • Invasions of planets without defensive troops (home guard only) were taking the maximum possible time for an invasion - 12 hours - instead of the minimal time.
  • An issue with randomization has been fixed which was causing unintended results: for galaxy generation, resources and minor factions weren’t being distributed as intended; and with raiding and invasions e.g. troops lost weren’t within the expected bounds.
  • After editing a blueprint the original was automatically deleted