Release: Game update [v.0.935] [Complete]


Hi everyone,

Alpha Patch 0.935 is about to be released 15:00 UTC . Once the update begins the servers should be offline for up to 2 hours. We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.


Update: This has now been completed

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Full patch notes

Alpha 0.935

Features and changes

  • Planet management:
    • Resource deposits and densities on a planet are now shown on the main planet management screen for colonized planets
    • The environment stats for a planet are always visible on the main planet management screen for colonized planets
    • A ‘Defense’ section has been added to the main planet management screen
  • Galaxy overview: improved tooltips related to resources and populations
  • Tutorial: updated the window in preparation for the new screens (including a new menu and buttons for players to rate whether a screen was helpful or not)

Bugs fixed

  • The correct image for a mission control center wasn’t being used
  • Orbital defense systems weren’t always attacking a fleet in orbit when they should have been
  • Targeting options for ships in fleet management weren’t displayed/selectable
  • Ripchee’s unique shields weren’t available after they were researched (if researched they will now be available in the ship designer to use for new ship designs)
  • ‘Military codex’ and ‘Tactical coordination’ technologies didn’t work (they increase the physical strength of defensive troops - which they now do)
  • When a player’s fleet was in orbit of an enemy’s planet, resource transfer could be opened but it would be for a different planet
  • If a fleet was in a system when a new player was spawned there, the fleet was placed inside the star (the fleet won’t be moved at all now if this happens)
  • Ships were unable to activate boosted warp if they had a module that consumes Olzine fitted, but not enough Olzine to activate it


Overall very nice. Good changes overall.

Small visual bug immediately noticeable though Mel

Edit: I REALLY Liked the fact info is totally withheld till you got into orbit :slight_smile: And then my probe fleet smashed a new player to dust by complete accident…