Release: Game update [v.0.92] [Complete]

Hi everyone,

Alpha Patch 0.92 is about to be released at around 15:00 UTC . Once the update begins the servers should be offline for up to 30 minutes. We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.


Update: This has now been completed

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Full patch notes

Alpha 0.92

Features and changes

  • Fleet management:
    • Smart fleet merging: ships are merged into a fleet within the fleet circle without affecting the existing ship positions
    • Auto-formations are disabled if there isn’t enough space within the fleet circle to accommodate the fleet’s ships in that formation
    • Auto-formations place ships as close together as they can
  • New player colony scanner can be used to detect the approximate directions and distances of the nearest player colonies
  • Trade mechanics for fleets and planets:
  • Settings panel added for automated colony development (enables a player to control the development of mines)
  • New bio-farms can be researched and constructed. Bio farms increase the max population size a colony can support for all organic civs on that planet (both primary and secondary populations).
  • New visual designs for farms means each civ’s farm looks unique (the changes are visual only)
  • New cutscenes added for:
    • Colonizing water-based planets
    • Launching a ground invasion against a planet
    • Orbital bombardment
  • The graphics quality settings e.g. low, med, high, determine the max number of projectiles that will be rendered in battles (the battle itself isn’t affected - it’s to not over-tax hardware when showing a battle)

Bugs fixed

  • Fleets were being placed inside planets and it wasn’t possible to move them away. This has been fixed and any ships that were still stuck inside planets should have been removed. Please let us know if after this update you see this happen again.
  • Players were able to repair damaged fleets in orbit of another player’s planet with a shipyard.
  • Attack and return wasn’t always working as intended (an attacking fleet wouldn’t return if it didn’t have enough fuel)
  • If a fleet was in a special mode e.g. cloaked, mining, and its flagship was destroyed, it caused the server to crash
  • Leaderboard issues:
    • An entry for a player wasn’t created correctly for players that reset/rejoined a galaxy (which meant they couldn’t find themselves on the leaderboards)
    • Players were being credited points for constructing ships and structures even if they recycled/dismantled them before they had completed

I tested this, I am gathering from the results is it uses only your HomeWorld system as the base for it’s search. I tried it with me in two different systems in two different locations and received the same results. If true, this should be clarified in the wiki better.

Please confirm that I am “allowed” to add ANY ship to ANY flagship regardless of if it fits within the flag’s radius and have it not be considered an exploit. I just tested adding 3 battleships to a corvette flag and it’s happy as can be with it, I just can’t reposition them. Please confirm that this is intended.

It is intended.
If your ship has flagship level 8, you should be able to add 7 additional ships.

Including 7 Dreadnaughts? Interesting.

Dreadnoughts are still flagship-only (1 per fleet).


I did find a bug with fleets that were created prior to the update. Ships that “do fit”, such as the corvette fleet I’ll describe, do not allow you to move the ships into an appropriate position within the fleet. New fleets created post update are working fine according to the design/intent. The fleet in question is a corvette flag and 3 scouts.

Any way to make second populations happy for syntis?

Bio farms are not useful without that so basically dual pop planets are a dead end still.

This player never played or progressed over months so I took it as an invasion test and will now pass it to someone else to test that. Little else can be done without going into unhappy territory as Syntis.


Yeah unless there’s going to be a way for syntis to make secondary populations happy you might as well yank bio farms right off their tech tree, don’t want anyone thinking it’d be useful and wasting their time researching them only to find out they can’t REALLY put them to any use.

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@mel @joe Bio Farms need to be further clarified in general, the wording in the wiki is unclear as to their intent. We have regular farms that increase the amount of population we can sustain for our own race, am I correct that bio-farms increase the amount of population we can sustain for both our own race as well as any other organic life form on the same planet. All the wording in the wiki is confusing. Can you provide actual examples of how it should work with numbers?

so theoretically organics could simply build ONLY bio farms, once researched? where as, assumming we could make organics happy, toasters would have to make a separate building for toasters and a separate building just for the stupid meat bags we can’t as yet make the least bit happy? huh…yeah i’m wanting these off my research tree more and more. And i’m wanting the ability to vaporize native pops before colonizing a planet so i don’t have to deal with the mess of TRYING to kill them off with climate change which oddly enough doesn’t seem to work despite the pop growth being in the red. At least not for me. They still seem to gain population for some reason even with a negative pop growth rate.

In theory, yes, but they only add capacity for 10k population at T1, so not as useful as a regular T1 farm, which adds capacity for 25k on planets for a single race. And I think at a higher cost.


Can you share with the community the plans for Syntis and their “handling” of native races?


You’re still having to gift the planet to someone to allow them to make the EC then gift it back… Seems likely that will happen en masse, so certainly makes sense to add a new research branch from the base “Xenology” and there we have some cross culture research, this research branch may contain 10 or so expensive items that unlock some race specific buildings…

So for example a ministry for interspecies relationships, unlocks T1 EC, etc… some races like Syntis might not want that and choose to make them slaves, same effect as T1 EC but the unhappiness is suppressed rather than enhanced… Same goal but sticks to the race narrative…

Race narratives need defining better… @Zathabar seems keen to take on that responsibility… Though some guidance from IDA would be useful…

Its certainly time to start a conversation about the remaining 8 races… and natives…

Yup! Happy to write any amount of background stuff provided I get an official hint or two in what direction to take it.
To be completely transparent nor would I want any acknowledgement or compensation for any “frill” like this : just happy to help - as I am sure all the Testers here are with their various talents or preferences!

Probably will be a different Race in the Skirmish Galaxy just so I can start getting a feel for the other races game mechanics. That helps with the ol’ inspiration :smiley:

Agreed. Hopefully this is just the first step in the process of making this happen.

I did pass that planet off and the latest owner had to build allot of EC to break even on happiness. But expected as the original owner only built one EC and has one other planet I found so had no corruption to deal with.

We are going to trade it back and forth and see how far I can push dual pop I guess. Still seems a waste with all the extra buildings needed though.